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TBProAudio – Plugins Pack 16.08.2016 (VST, VST3, RTAS, AAX) [Win x86 x64]

By | August 30, 2016

TBProAudio.AB_LM.v1.4.3 – gain control, which allows to compare and harmonize the volume levels with the sample in the FX chain (AB comparison). TBProAudio.CS-3301.v1.2.1 – CS-3301– plug-in Noise gate, EQ, compressor, saturator and oversampling. TBProAudio.gEQ12.v1.3.6 – 12 band stereo / MS graphic equalizer with an accurate spectrum analyzer mode and minimum \ linear phase. TBProAudio.LA.xLimit.II.v1.2.0 – advanced  stereo limiter,… Read More »

TBProAudio – CS-3301 1.1.1 (VST, VST3, RTAS, AAX) [Win x86 x64]

By | August 29, 2016

  CS-3301 is a channel strip plugin with gate, EQs, compressor, saturation and oversampling. Features: Noise gate. 7 band EQ. Compressor. Saturation. VU meter. HQ oversampling. Thermal noise for analog sound emulation. Large and easy to use GUI. 64-bit internal processing. Very efficient CPU usage design. Changelog : 1.1.1: RTAS crash fix RTAS/AAX mouse handling optimized 1.1.0: Alt… Read More »

Dotec-Audio – DeeTrim 1.0.1, DeeFat 1.0.5 (VST x86 x64)

By | August 28, 2016

Dotec-Audio DeeTrim v1.0.1 – simple plugin that controls the volume of -12dB to + 3dB. It can keep constant the output level of any input signal level. This helps when you want to keep track (vocals etc.) a certain constant volume. Dotec-Audio DeeFat v1.0.5 – Compressor, creating “fat sound.” Fine it can be used in live performances as… Read More »

Venomode – Complexer 1.0.0 (VST, AU) [WIN.OSX x86 x64]

By | August 28, 2016

Complexer is a dual compressor – 2 compressors in one package, allowing for both serial and parallel compression. Complexer features everything a compressor should have, including variable detection modes, soft knee, accurate displays, and sample perfect processing. Having 2 compressors in one package allows you creative freedom over your dynamics: everything from gentle mixing and mastering, to full-on… Read More »

HOFA-Plugins – HOFA IQ-Comp 2.5.6 (VST, VST3, RTAS, AAX) [Win x86 x64]

By | August 25, 2016

  The IQ-Comp is a compressor equipped with intelligence to achieve perfect results for all sorts of audio material. No matter if vocals, drums or other instruments: The HOFA IQ-Comp permanently adjusts all the relevant settings to fit the musical needs. Therefore it delivers the sonically best compression, depending on your settings. Beyond that, the IQ-Comp is able… Read More »

Focusrite – Red Plug-In Suite 1.1 (VST, VST3, AAX, AU) [WIN.OSX x86 x64]

By | August 22, 2016

The Red 2 & Red 3 Plug-in Suite accurately models Focusrite’s classic Red range equalizer and compressor hardware – letting you exploit the originals’ famous sound, conveniently from within your audio software. Coveted by producers and engineers for their exceptional clarity and versatility, the original Red 2 and Red 3 remain prized fixtures in professional recording studios the… Read More »

Dotec-Audio – DeeComp, DeeMax 1.2.1, DeeFat 1.0.0 (VST x86 x64)

By | August 21, 2016

DeeComp – perfect dynamic software solution. DeeComp brings you a wide range of audio solutions including the specific sound that famous simulated / emulated VST compressors or even hardware model never Soglo would create. DeeFat – Compressor, creating “fat sound.” Fine it can be used in live performances as rabotet quickly and gracefully … DeeMax – Virtual level… Read More »

Voxengo – TransGainer 1.7 (VST, VST3, AAX, AU) [WIN.OSX x86 x64]

By | August 21, 2016

TransGainer, an audio plug-in suitable for a wide range of professional music production uses, implements an audio signal envelope adjustment algorithm that reacts on transients rather than on a signal’s loudness level. This algorithm allows you to adjust the volume of attack and sustain stages of any sounds you use it on. TransGainer was designed in a way… Read More »

Softube – Drawmer S73 and Drawmer 1973 VST, AAX x86 x64

By | July 4, 2016

The Drawmer S73 Intelligent Master Processor plug-in features an enhanced multi-band compressor sound design, fine-tuned to improve your mix with a minimum of tweaking. The S73 does most of the job for you by making the choices a mastering engineer would make. Simply use the Style parameter to switch between ready made mastering processing techniques to quickly find… Read More »

Voxengo – Soniformer 3.7 VST, VST3, AAX, AU WIN.OSX x86 x64

By | July 4, 2016

  Soniformer is a spectral mastering dynamics processor that splits the incoming sound signal into 32 spectral bands. This makes Soniformer a powerful and precise tool for mastering and sound restoration purposes. Every parameter in Soniformer is defined by means of a graphic envelope which is freely-modifiable and which may contain an unlimited number of control points. Beside… Read More »

Audiority – TS-1 Transient Shaper 1.1 VST, AAX, AU WIN.OSX x86 x64

By | July 3, 2016

  The TS-1 is a multimode frequency dependent transient shaper designed to manage the attack and sustain of an incoming audio signal. TS-1 features two separate detection circuits for Attack and Sustain, whose signals can be filtered to improve the detection (SC filtering) or to color the processed audio. Due to its level independent nature, you don’t need… Read More »

Beatskillz – Bounce 1.0.1 VST, AAX x86 x64

By | June 30, 2016

BOUNCE is a transparent yet versatile compressor that can do subtle compression to full thrusting and punchy sounds. Featuring a Detection Section, where you can select the frequency band (range) which you can feed back into the compressor to create the desired shape of your sound. Works great on anything from Drums, Bass, Synths, Vocals, Percussion, Guitars and… Read More »

Fabfilter – Pro-C 2.0 VST, VST3, AAX x86 x64

By | June 25, 2016

FabFilter Pro-C 2 is a major update to the FabFilter Pro-C compressor plug-in. Five brand-new compression styles make Pro-C 2 even easier to set up and more effective in common scenarios such as vocal processing, mastering or EDM pumping. It’s like getting five new compressors. Together with an abundance of new features, such as lookahead, range, hold, side-chain… Read More »