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Volko Audio – Volko Baglama 2.0 (VST AU) [WIN OSX x86 x64]

By | October 30, 2016

Volko Baglama, or “saz”, is a Turkish folk instrument with a history of approximately one thousand years, starting from the migration and spreading of Turks in Anatolia. For centuries, bards have reflected the emotions of the public through baglama, and it has become one of the most noble of instruments as it evolved during the performances of the… Read More »

Garritan – World Instruments v1.0 (STANDALONE VST RTAS) [Win x86 x64]

By | October 21, 2016

Garritan World Instruments – a new collection of over 350 expressive and exotic instruments from around the world. All the richness and beauty of the world’s musical heritage expressed in a multitude of instruments. You will discover a world of sounds, which will allow your music to evolve in new and surprising ways. Africa: Kora, Ngoni, Domu, Begena,… Read More »

Best Service – Ethno World 4 Professional DVD1 & DVD2 (KONTAKT) [ISO]

By | October 3, 2016

Ethno World 4 Professional – a library of samples based on the Kontakt 2 Player. It includes over 200 professionally recorded ethnic instruments more than 14,000 samples in high quality, Divided into the following categories: * Bowed instruments * Stringed instruments * Woodwind and brass * Key instruments * Bell type instruments * Metal type instruments * World… Read More »

East West Quantum Leap – RA – REPACK (KONTAKT)

By | January 21, 2016

Ra features a 14 GB collection of beautifully recorded plucked, blown, bowed, and struck instruments from around the world. Quantum Leap RA provides composers with access to a variety of rare and unique instruments from Africa, Europe, India, the Americas and Australia, the Far East, and the Middle East and Turkish Empires. Ra is also an 8-part multitimbral… Read More »