Soundiron – Tuned Micro (KONTAKT)

By | April 14, 2024


Manufacturer: Soundiron
Format: NKI, NCW, NKR
Quality: 24 bit Frequency 44.1 kHz Stereo channels
System requirements: Native Instruments 4.2.4 +

Tuned Micro – a compact but powerful library focused on a variety of unique percussion instruments (Bamblong, Circlebells, Cylindrum, Imbibaphones, Kalimba, Music Box, Struck Grand, Toy Glockenspiel, Twine Bass, Waterharp, Whaledrum and Zitherette).

Soundiron´s Tuned Micro is a compact yet powerful multi-instrument collection focusing on a variety of the company´s unique stringed and tuned percussion instruments, wrapped in an easy-to-use interface for Kontakt 4 and later.

Soundiron took a dozen of the popular instruments included in their Stringed & Tuned Percussion Collection and selected a core sample set from each. Tuned Micro serves as a simple but powerfully effective and fully playable introduction to the signature style, flavor, tone and quality you can expect from our full catalog. Soundiron have tapped into Bamblong, Circlebells, Cylindrum, Imbibaphones, Kalimba, Music Box, The Struck Grand, Toy Glockenspiel, Twine Bass, Waterharp, Whaledrum and Zitherette. These products can be heard in a long list of films, television shows, video games, trailers, commercials, and records around the world.

Each of these instruments were recorded in a variety of locations, from dry studios to underground artillery bunkers. Soundiron used high quality large diaphragm condenser mics in wide stereo pairs, to deliver sound with clarity and presence. All Soundiron libraries are rigorously deep sampled, with full key range recording, deep dynamic velocity layering and plenty of round-robin variations. However, to keep Tuned Micro light and simple, we´ve chosen an average of 2 round-robin variations and 2 velocity layers per instrument articulation to include in this starter kit, with spaced intervals between root notes.

That said, Soundiron have carefully programmed each sample and zone for exceptionally organic playability and dynamic responsiveness to allow you to experience a slice of what you can expect from their full sized professional products. Soundiron has also programmed this library with a very unique interface that combines some of our most powerful design features.

First, Soundiron have provided a dual-layer matrix that allows any of the 20 individual instrument articulations available in Tuned Micro to be loaded and played instantly on demand. With two independently controllable layers, you can load and play any two articulations simultaneously (such as the Bamblong and Water Harp), with customizable volume, attack, start offset, release gating and pitch-shifting for each layer. Each of the controls can be automated and changed in real-time, allowing truly unique sonic possibilities.

Secondly, Soundiron have built their Uberpeggiator into the front panel, so that you can quickly design complex and adaptive arpeggiations, whether freehand or using the velocity table and a number of specialized controls that can be used to craft remarkably intricate musical passages on the fly. Third, Soundiron have integrated a fully sweepable 3-band equalizer with gain, frequency and bandwidth controls for each band. Lastly, the company have added their convolution loading system, which allows you to select and modify 6 of their real-world spaces and 6 of their favorite special FX reverb impulses. Each of these features can be bypassed to save voices and processing power as needed.

While the vast depth of content Soundiron provide in the full version of the Stringed & Tuned Percussion Collection and all of their full sized individual libraries are far beyond anything you´ll find in Tuned Micro, this provides a glimpse of the tone, concepts and range of features you can enjoy in the full collection. Whether you´ve been curious about Soundiron multi-sample instrument libraries and are still on the fence, you´re just now learning about the company, or you´re just looking for a few great new sounds to play around with, Tuned Micro is the perfect low cost and easy way to begin your journey.

Content :
1 Unified Master Preset with independently selectable instrument layers
12 Unique Stringed and Tuned Percussion Instrument Categories
20 individual mallet strikes, finger plucks and bowed sustain articulations
Integrated FX including:
The Uberpeggiator macro-arpeggiation system
Convolution System with 12 custom fx and room impulses
A full 3-band EQ.
285 Samples
248 MB source content
156 MB installed (w/ lossless ncw audio compression)

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