Soundiron – Kazoo (KONTAKT, WAV)

By | April 14, 2024


Manufacturer: Soundiron
Quality: 24 bit Frequency 44.1 kHz Channels stereo

The kazoo is a musical instrument of African origin; it is a hollow pipe with a membrane at one end. The American Mirliton kazoo was officially patented under that name at the end of the 19th century, but the roots of the instrument must be sought on the African continent. Instruments of a similar design have been used there for a long time to distort voices, imitate animal sounds, and sometimes for ceremonial purposes. In the second half of the 19th century, the kazoo took on its modern form and became one of the easiest melodic instruments to learn. It has gained great popularity among jug bands and comic troupes; the kazoo can be found at carnival in Uruguay and in youth jazz groups in the UK. The popularity of this instrument is also evidenced by the fact that in 2011, almost four thousand casuists performed Wagner’s “Ride of the Valkyrie” together at the Royal Albert Hall.

A kazoo usually consists of a metal or plastic casing that contains a membrane. The technique of playing this instrument is simple: the performer hums or hums a melody while placing the kazoo to his lips. And the membrane distorts the voice beyond recognition, creating a unique musical effect. You just need to remember that the kazoo does not produce sound on its own, so nothing will happen if you simply blow into the instrument.

More details from the manufacturer :
This library was created with the help of a world-class kazoo ensemble, featuring some of the finest hand-crafted wax paper and plastic wind instruments that money can buy. We gathered together four of the finest kazoo virtuosos in the world to capture this power ensemble collection. We recorded this brilliant sample set in our own private studios.
This library includes features such as delicate automation control, 4-times round robin on all sustains and 4-times round robin on all release triggers, advanced programming and playability and special custom instruments that feature our life-like hall acoustic simulation technology. All in all, we feel this is the most powerful professional-grade kazoo ensemble library available anywhere in the world.

For solo kazoo patches, we recorded each and every semitone from G#2 – D4, with three independent levels of expression, from steady, to vibrato and all the way up to full tremolo. Each note is continuously looping, with an average loop length of over ten seconds. All notes feature release-triggered samples.
The ensemble patches are the shear essence of power. Legato scripting for commanding leads and driving melody lines, with tight programming to allow a strident, confident and virtuosic playing style. This instrument uses our own custom epic hall reverb convolution to elevate the sound to the most brilliantly soaring heights. This state-of-the-art convolution technology uses live impulse response signatures, which were captured with expert precision and care by our own in-house engineering team, in one of the finest recording halls in all the
Deep Sampled Articulations

4 Main Articulations:
Ensemble (w/legato)
Vocal Backing
NKI Program Presets
This library is designed for the full retail version of Kontakt 3.5 or later (Kontakt 4 is also supported). We’ve included 20 Kontakt 3.5/4-compatible nki programs.
450 Samples (standard pcm wav)
20 .nki files (unlocked format)
440 MB installed
16 bit/44.1kHz stereo PCM wav format
Format(s): Kontakt 3.5 .nki and pcm .wav

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