UJAM – Full Bundle: The Collector’s Edition 2021.4 – PROPER (VSTi, VST, AUi, AU) [OSX x64]

By | June 10, 2021


Year of issue: 2021
Version: 2021.4
Developer: UJAM
Developer site: ujam
Platform: Intel only
Interface language: English
System requirements: OS X 10.11 / macOS 10.12 or later
You may run it on earlier versions but we don’t support them.
4 GB of RAM
47.77 GB of Disk Space
1280x768px Display

Description: UJAM has created a set of incredible-sounding yet easy-to-use virtual instruments and effects designed to enhance the creative process and speed up, enhance and make music creation easier than ever. This set offers the most versatile virtual instrument and effect group, designed for genres such as pop, rock, hip hop, funk and anything else you can create with it.

Plugin List :
UJAM.Beatmaker.DOPE.2.1.2.M428. (BM-DOPE) .Proper
UJAM.Beatmaker.EDEN.2.1.2.M393. (BM-EDEN) .Proper
UJAM.Beatmaker.HUSTLE.2.1.2.M311. (BM-HUSTLE) .Proper
UJAM.Beatmaker.HYPE.2.1.2.M187. (BM-HYPE) .Proper
UJAM.Beatmaker.KANDY.2.1.3 M144. (BM-KANDY) .Proper
UJAM.Beatmaker.NEMESIS.2.1.2.M82. (BM-NEMESIS) .Proper
UJAM.Beatmaker.VICE.2.1.2.M293. (BM-VICE) .Proper
UJAM.Beatmaker.VOID.2.1.2.M205. (BM-VOID) .Proper
UJAM.Finisher.FLUXX.1.0.0.M136. (FIN-FLUXX)
UJAM.Finisher.NEO.1.0.1.M235. (FIN-NEO) .Proper
UJAM.Finisher.RETRO.1.0.0.M150. (FIN-RETRO)
UJAM.Finisher.VOODOO.1.0.0.M206. (FIN-VOOD)
UJAM.Symphonic.Elements.STRIIIINGS.1.0.0.M466. (SE-STRIIIINGS) .Proper
UJAM.Virtual.Bassist.DANDY.2.1.1.M182. (VB-DANDY) .Proper
UJAM.Virtual.Bassist.MELLOW.2.1.1.M395. (VB-MELLOW) .Proper.FIXED
UJAM.Virtual.Bassist.ROWDY.2.1.1.M359. (VB-ROWDY) .Proper
UJAM.Virtual.Bassist.ROYAL.2.1.1.M352. (VB-ROYAL)
UJAM.Virtual.Drummer.DEEP.2.1.1.M131. (VD-DEEP)
UJAM.Virtual.Drummer.HEAVY.2.1.0.M313. (VD-HEAVY)
UJAM.Virtual.Drummer.PHAT.2.1.0.M315. (VD-PHAT)
UJAM.Virtual.Drummer.SOLID.2.1.1.M2567. (VD-SOLID)
UJAM.Virtual.Guitarist.CARBON.1.0.1.M497. (VG-CARBON) .Proper

Installation and Activation :
1.Remove previous versions including folders and files
2. Mount the image, install
3. Run the PATCH COMMAND file directly from the image, enter your administrator password in the terminal window that appears, press RETURN ENTER and wait for the patching to finish.
4.Run the plug-in and close it along with the DAW
5. Repeat step 3
You DO NOT NEED to copy, paste or replace anything anywhere!

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