True Clouds/Fog 1.5 (Unity Asset) [WiN x64]

By | August 8, 2022


Year/Date of Issue: 02.05.2018
Version: 1.5
Developer: MARSERMD
Developer site: Asset Store
Interface language: English
tablet: not required
System requirements: 5.6.0 or higher

Description: This is the most efficient solution for rendering volumetric clouds, fog or haze available in the Asset Store. Optimized for mobile phones. Insanely fast on PC.
Just add the script to your camera, select the cloud layer and enjoy!
This package provides:

volumetric rendering
full artistic control (any mesh can be rendered as a cloud. Even skin animations are supported)
volumetric light / tint for clouds
blending with opaque/cutout objects
silver lining
noise support (affects shape, color and transparency)
included noise generator (various options to get different noises. Designed specifically for clouds)
customizable quality/performance balance
7ms on Nexus 5x to render.
0.5ms on a laptop with a budget GeForce 940m.
Runs at 60fps on modern iOS devices.

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