TrackGod – TrackGod VST Expansions: 5 Urban Guitars, 6th God, Essential Plucks, God Lee Kicks, Golden Bells, Golden Brass, Le Special Snares, Neon FX, New Rulez, Spark, The Big Bang Theory

By | September 18, 2016



A set of Expansions to Rompler Trackgodsound – TrackGod

  • TrackGod VST Base Ick Keys Expansion.WIN 1 Piano, 7 presets. The first preset – the usual piano, the others change, but the sound is very cool!
  • TrackGod VST 5 Urban Guitars Expansion.WIN Small but nice guitar Bank. 5 guitars, designed to work with hip-hop.
  • TrackGod VST 6th God Expansion.WIN run this add and get OVO sound! Inspired by the best in the game!
  • TrackGod VST Bakin Soda Expansion.WIN Make your Trap bits unique! In this set of skills, sounding Trap sounds!
  • TrackGod VST Essential Plucks Expansion.WIN Bank is a top level with some of Pluck only.
  • TrackGod VST God Lee Kicks Expansion.WIN your impact will be devastating, and giant-sized! Give your bits Extra penetrating power!
  • TrackGod VST Golden Bells Expansion.WIN Add some bright character with these bells. Ideal for those who can not find a good bells.
  • TrackGod VST Golden Brass Expansion.WIN Finally, the brass here! A small but intoxicating bank brass.
  • TrackGod VST Le Special Snares Expansion.WIN Distorted snare drums! Layers! Vocal, metal, the FX snare drums and much more!
  • TrackGod VST Neon FX Expansion.WIN Instantly make better your differences and transitions! Fantastic FX Bank!
  • TrackGod VST New Rulez Expansion.WIN excellent combination of crispy kicks, realistic Snaps and Clapham? snare drums, percussion, vocals and Stomp. Manufacturing for better production of hip-hop.
  • TrackGod VST Spark Expansion.WIN Electronic and unique synthetic sounds, which used a little distortion, which would give each sound perfect grain.
  • TrackGod VST The Big Bang Theory Expansion.WIN How do you like your bass? Boomy? Crisp? Distorted? Intoxicants and carefully designed 808 pot.

Installation: When installing Rompler you will need to specify the folder where they will be placed and additional presets. All subsequent additions set in the same folder.


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