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Admiral Quality – Poly-Ana 1.2.1a (VST AU) [WIN OSX x86 x64]

By | October 26, 2016

Poly-Ana is an Analog Model Polyphonic Synthesizer. Poly-Ana’s voice architecture is a combination of the best features of the famous analog classics plus several new features for a total of 185 controls – see the feature list below. The GUI design aims to put every parameter just a single click away, with large, easy to grab knobs and… Read More »

MeldaProduction – MPowerSynth 8.07 (VST VST3 AAX AU) [WIN OSX x86 x64]

By | October 26, 2016

MPowerSynth is an extremely versatile synthesizer featuring the best sounding oscillators on the market, the most advanced distorting filters and a unique modular effects engine. It also features our smart randomization system providing endless inspiration. 1500+ HIGH QUALITY PRESETS AND RANDOMIZER. MPowerSynth comes with over 1500 community designed presets, post-processed to get the highest possible quality. Each preset… Read More »


Sonic At Work – Trancerone 1.1 (VST) [Win x86]

By | October 26, 2016

TrancerOne designed specifically for Dance / Trance / Techno genre. The sound engine is based on the 4 oscillators. The first two OSCs – unison oscillators. With these two OSC you can already create a “floating” sound. The third typical oscillator virtual analog wave forms with 7 incl. noise. The fourth OSC is the heart TrancerOne, which is… Read More »

IMEA Studio – Groove Drum Synth 1.5 (STANDALONE VST AU) [WIN OSX x86 x64]

By | October 26, 2016

VSTi plugin and Application, its architecture combines a sequencer, a sampler, a synthesizer and the randomization tool of Groove Drums that allows you to create easily and intuitively grooves and drums loops. The standalone version allows you to use the plugin without the need for a host sequencer and so be able to export drum loops independently. The… Read More »

Novation – V-Station 2.3 (VST VST3 RTAS) [Win x86 x64]

By | October 26, 2016

  Virtual analog synthesizer Novation V-Station recreates the powerful and rich sound K-Station synth as a plug for the computer. V-Station reproduces the complex and harmonically rich sounds through their engine used for synthesizing Liquid Analog, and has a clear and responsive interface with drives and keyboard switches, which are actuated by pressing the mouse. Software synthesizer V-Station… Read More »

Audioxygen – Gemini 2.0 (VST) [Win x86]

By | October 25, 2016

Gemini is a synthesizer that combines a fat “analogue” sound with special step sequencers and “radical distortion behavior”. It produces “raging” techno baselines, Psy/Goa FX, Hardstyle screams, shimmering pads, big trance leads and much more, according to Audioxygen. 180 presets aimed at these genres are included. Key Features: Fat “analogue” sound with unique detuning algorithm. Aggressive Resonance and… Read More »

Electronisounds – Red Dragon 2 1.0 (VST) [Win x86]

By | October 25, 2016

Red Dragon includes 384 patches designed by eighteen different sound designers, who have created a sound palette with a wide variety of sounds and styles including swirling and spacey pads, textures, tweaked leads, sweeping fx, basses and more. Features: 4-Oscillators w/PW and Fine Tuning (sine, saw, ramp, triangle, pulse, white noise, pink noise). Osc 3 & 4 have… Read More »

Dmitry Sches – Diversion 1.33 (VST AU) [WIN OSX x86 x64]

By | October 25, 2016

Diversion is a software synthesizer that offers four complex oscillators, two bus processors with a lot of filter modes and saturation stages, flexible effects matrix, arpeggiator and trance gate module, wide and clean unison. The two bus processors in Diversion allow the user to transform the oscillator’s output into a wide variety of possible sounds. Each bus processor… Read More »

PSOFT – VOID Modular System 1.5.2 (STANDALONE VST) [Win x86]

By | October 25, 2016

Modular Synth and Effect. Included modules: Generators: Oscillator,ADSR,LFO. Effects: Multimode Filter (LP/HP/BP/Notch), Dynamic Filter, Formant Filter, Distortion/Overdrive, Compressor, Reverb, Chorus/Flanger, Pitch Shifter, Dynamic Pitch Shifter, Vocoder, Delay, LoFi. Sequencer: 16step Analog Sequencer. Mixer: 4in 1out Mixer. Visual: Scope (Liner, FFT, Spectrum).   Related posts: ReFX – Nexus 2.2 VST x86 REPACK Native Instruments – Reaktor 5.9.3 STANDALONE, VSTi… Read More »

Bitsonic – Waspy 3.0 (VST) [Win x86]

By | October 25, 2016

Waspy 3 is a hybrid virtual analog VSTi synthesizer with the samples. It was built to produce superior quality sound and music. The new graphical interface ensures the highest level of usability. It uses highly optimized code and SSE instructions in order to reduce the CPU usage to a minimum. Most preset are engineered in analog style, so… Read More »

Rob Papen – Blue 1.9.0g (VST) [win x86 x64]

By | October 24, 2016

Rob Papen – Blue – This fresh new synth offers FM-synthesis, synthesis phase distortion, wave formation Synthesis and Subtractive Synthesis in one creative combination. Blue is a hybrid software synthesizer which includes several types of synthesis, including FM, Wave Shaping, Phase Distortion and subtractive synthesis. The tool has 6 oscillators, each of which can be connected in various… Read More »