SSAO Pro v2.1.1 (Unity Asset) [WiN x64]

By | August 12, 2022


Year/Date of Issue:01.12.2016
Version: 2.1.1
Developer: Thomas Hourdel
Developer site: _
Bit depth: 64bit
Interface language: English
Tabletka: not required
System requirements: Unity 4.5.0 or higher

SAO Pro offers a high quality, stable and fast version of SSAO for Unity with additional features such as lighting, roll-off distance and occlusion.
The SSAO (short for Screen Ambient Occlusion) effect approximates real-time ambient occlusion. It relies on depth and normal buffers to darken creases, holes, and surfaces that are close together. In real life, such areas tend to block or block out ambient light, so they appear darker.
High quality
Adds a whole new visual dimension to your scenes using a stable and powerful algorithm.
Various quality settings, downsampling levels, variable blur quality… Customize the effect to suit your needs!
Wide or sharp radius, intensity, occlusion distance and color, distance reduction… Lots of settings to customize!
Full source code included.

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