Soundiron – Bizarre Sitar 2.0 (KONTAKT)

By | April 15, 2024


Manufacturer: Soundiron
Quality: 24 bit Frequency 44.1 kHz Channels stereo

Description: Library of sitar and effects. 4 main articulations – bow (staccato, tremolo and sustain), plectrum (10 roundrobins, 5-6 layers of velocity), strike (10 roundrobins, 4-8 layers of velocity) and fx effects (including muted notes, creaks and other specific effects ).

Content :
4 Main Articulations:
Bowed (staccato, tremolo and sustains)
Plucked (10x rr, 5-6 velocities)
Strummed (10x rr, 4-8 velocities)
FX (includes mutes, scrapes and other special effects)
597 Samples (standard pcm wav)
25 .nki files (unlocked format)
1.69 GB installed (864 MB Download)
24 bit/44.1kHz stereo PCM wav format
Format(s): Kontakt 3.5 .nki and pcm .wav
Includes a free bonus collection of custom sound-designed ambiences, drones and special FX presets, as well as our favorite custom convolution reverb impulses and an advanced Kontakt user interface with full automation support.

Additional Information :
The bizarre sitar may not seem so strange at first glance. It has most of the elements found on any other sitar, with it’s traditional gourd body, both main playable strings and sympathetic resonating strings, parda (adjustable curved frets), kunti (tuning pegs), dandi (neck), ghoraj (main bridge) all complete with orante hand-painted accents. At just over 24″ in length, however, this little beauty is barely half the size of a standard sitar. Simply being small isn’t bizarre by any means, but what is bizarre is how it can achieve such a lush, full-bodied sound while being so small. Intended as more decoration than instrument, we feel this little guy has been highly underestimated. Although soft-spoken and possessing fewer strings than normal (5 main and 6 sympathetic), all this “baby” sitar needed was someone to listen closely. And we did. Very close.

At the heart of our Bizarre Sitar library are the strumming patches. Two main strumming tunings are included, a fifth and and octave/unison. An onboard “Speed” knob (MIDI assignable and defaulted to the modwheel) allows you to sculpt the speed of the individual strum from very tight, fast strums to slower, plucky strums. The strums are tuned and spread across the entire keyboard, providing deep, droning sounds in the low end and sharp, madloin-like plucks in the high end. In addition, we’ve also included individual string plucks for lead lines and accents. Special combo patches give you both plucks in the high end and strums in the low-end for easy playability. Also included are a number of effects (fret scrapes, mutes, etc.), staccato bowing, tremolo bowing and sustained bowing. As usual, there are several ambience drones comprised entirely of source material from the bizarre sitar library. Combined with our custom front panel controls and included tone / effects controls with custom reverb convolutions the Bizarre Sitar library is extremely flexible and versatile.

For version 2.0, we’ve improved key-mapping and overall playability, added a full set of brand new automatable performance, effect and arpeggiator controls, fixed a few minor bugs and refined the overall experience.

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