SoftOrbits – Photo Stamp Remover 12.1 – Portable [WiN x64]

By | May 21, 2024


Year of release: 2021
Version: 12.1
Office address website: softorbits
Build author:by Spirit Summer
Interface language: Russian, English
Treatment: not required (the installer has already been treated)
System requirements:
OS: Windows 7 / 8 / 8.1 / 10 (Inclusive 20H2) (x32/x64)

Photo Stamp Remover is a program that allows you to easily remove unnecessary objects from your photos: for example, remove dust, scratches, logos, date stamps.
The utility can remove objects and people that you don’t want to see in your photos.
Photo Stamp Remover does all this automatically, using a unique technology to fill the selected object with a texture generated from the pixels around the object being removed.
You won’t need to do long and tedious work with Photoshop tools like the Cloning Stamp.
Now you can get the desired result in a matter of minutes.

Functions and capabilities:
• Retouching old photos
Many families have hundreds of old photographs that are dear to their hearts. Many of them received defects during viewing and storage, so scratches, stains, and folds could appear on them. If you want to scan these photos for storage on your computer, you will need a program to remove various defects.
• Removing unwanted objects from photos
Using Photo Stamp Remover you can also remove unwanted elements from your photos, such as wrinkles, tattoos, spots on the skin. Photo Stamp Remover will help you remove various unwanted inscriptions, logos and watermarks.
• Removing objects with a few mouse clicks
Using Photo Stamp Remover you can process photos with a minimum of effort. Just open the image, select the unwanted object and click the “View” button. If you are satisfied with the result, click “Save”. That’s all you need to do, the program will do the rest for you!
• Removing objects by color
You can specify the color of an unwanted object and Photo Stamp Remover will delete only the area that has that color. For example, it is so easy to remove the date stamp that some cameras leave behind.
• Working in batch mode
The program can process a large number of photos with one click. For example, it can remove a date stamp left by a camera.
• You don’t need to deal with complex editors.
You don’t need to install and learn professional programs. Photo Stamp Remover has an intuitive interface and is easy to learn.

Additional/About Portable:
The portable version of the program is compiled in VMware Thin App, on clean Windows 7×32.
Removed unnecessary files from the portable version. Registration has been completed, the network is closed for verification and notifications. The portable version is compressed; upon startup, an attempt is made to check the key, which is why it will start slower than the stationary version.
Download the folder to your PC or storage device. Run from the StampRemover.exe file.
Delete the shared folder with the program from the disk.
Application for working in Windows 7-10 with x32/x64 bit depth, from hard drives, flash drives. From a flash drive – the program takes longer to load.

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