SoftOrbits – Easy Photo Unblur 5.0 – Portable [WiN x64]

By | May 21, 2024


Year of release: 2021
Version: 5.0
Office address website: softorbits
Build author:by Spirit Summer
Interface language: Russian, English, etc.
Treatment: not required (the installer has already been treated)
System requirements:
OS: Windows 7 / 8 / 8.1 / 10 (Inclusive 20H2) (x32/x64)

SoftOrbits Easy Photo Unblur – will help focus blurry photos, correct defects from a shaking camera and hands, as well as blurry moving objects.

Photo Unblur – allows you to increase clarity and correct lighting flaws.

The program itself detects areas of blur and defocus using artificial intelligence mechanisms, which is much more efficient than doing it manually.

If the photo was taken in motion, in the dark or at a long distance, Easy Photo Unblur will help.

There is a batch processing option. You don’t have to process images one by one, you can upload an entire folder and improve them at the same time.

Features and Features:
Key Features:
• Edits out-of-focus photos
• Corrects motion blur
• Corrects blur from hand or camera shake
• Batch mode allows you to edit a folder of photos in one step
• Built-in adjustments for brightness, contrast, color temperature and contrast ratio
• Tools for cropping, rotating and resizing photos
• Correct Focus Errors

You capture a unique moment only to later discover that the photo is out of focus. There’s nothing sadder than deleting a great photo just because of a small error in focus. Missed opportunity? Not if you use Easy Photo Unblur!
Is the image out of focus? Easy Photo Unblur will fix it! This tool can edit out small and small focus errors by applying smart focusing algorithms only to the blurred objects in the photo. What is the end result? One photo is worth a thousand words!

• Correct the defects of shaky hands.
Camera shake at the time of shooting is the cause of a huge number of damaged pictures. Optical image stabilization and ultra-high ISO sensitivity can help with this, but they are usually equipped with expensive cameras and lenses. Even cameras with optical image stabilization can produce blurry images. Fortunately, such defects can be corrected. Easy Photo Unblur uses sophisticated algorithms to detect defects caused by camera shake, accurately correct them, and produce a clear image as a result.
Easy Photo Unblur, unlike other tools, instead of simply applying a Sharp Filter over the image, uses a clever technique to recognize blur and defocus defects and, like magic, can correct only the blurred areas.

• Removing Motion Blur
There are two types of motion blur, and you’ll probably only want to fix one of them. When you shoot a moving subject with a long shutter speed, the subject may appear blurry. This happens because the subject moves while the curtain is open. Easy Photo Unblur can fix this type of blur.
In the second case, you can take photographs with a fairly long shutter speed, deliberately moving along with the objects, following them with the camera. This will give you a sharp image of the subject and a blurred background, which is ideal for highlighting movement in a static image. You probably won’t want to correct this type of blur.

• Batch blur removal
Do you have a lot of blurry photos?
Now you can fix them all together in one step! Just launch Easy Photo Unblur and use batch mode to process the entire folder.



Additional/About Portable:
The portable version of the program is compiled in VMware Thin App, on clean Windows 7×32.
Removed unnecessary files from the portable version. Registration has been completed, the network is closed for verification and notifications. The portable version is compressed; upon startup, an attempt is made to check the key, which is why it will start slower than the stationary version.

Download the folder to your PC or storage device. Launch from the EasyPhotoUnblur.exe file.

Delete the shared folder with the program from the disk.
Application for working in Windows 7-10 with x32/x64 bit depth, from hard drives, flash drives. From a flash drive – the program takes longer to load.

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