MediaChance Dynamic Auto Painter Pro v5.0.4 + Templates + Textures + Presets – RePack [WIN x64]

By | August 16, 2022


Release Year/Date : 2017
Software Version : 5.0.4
Developer : Copyright © 2014 Mediachance. All rights reserved.
Platform :
Windows® 10, Windows® 8, Windows® 8.1, Windows® 7, Windows® Vista

Mediachance Dynamic Auto Painter Pro is a program from the Canadian company MediaChance, which can turn a photograph into a picture painted in oil, watercolor, pencil or other artist’s tool. The user can choose from dozens of painting styles from the most famous artists in the world. The process of such a transformation is automated and visualized, but it allows pre-settings of key parameters for painting a picture.
Mediachance Dynamic Auto Painteris a big step forward in automatic painting. This is a unique program that allows you to turn your photos into paintings, using the imitation of the painting techniques of the world’s most famous artists. Unlike other similar tools and effects, Dynamic Auto-Painter does not change the photo itself, it simply uses the image as an original, from which it automatically draws a new image using the appropriate brushes and styles. At the same time, you can watch the work of the program, like the work of a real artist.
The only thing to note is that the painting is different from the photo, so random shots and processing will not lead to a satisfactory result. But even if your photo turned out not the way you wanted, you can fix it in the Paint Mask Tool, which allows you to paint with a brush. You can also define the focus area for the brush. The resolution of the finished image does not depend on the resolution of the original and may exceed it several times. One of the advantages of the program is that the finished images will look like paintings even at low resolution.

■ The program does not change the photo, but draws from scratch.
■ Lots of drawing styles from the most famous artists.
■ You can watch the process.
■ The resolution of the result may exceed the resolution of the photo by several times.
■ And much more.

Photography and painting are capable of conveying the world around us in completely different ways. Many of us do not know how to draw, but everyone would want to create a beautiful picture. MediaChance Dynamic Auto Painter PRO helps you create a natural painting with different painting styles from a regular photo. Unlike similar programs, Dynamic Auto Painter does not edit a photo, but draws on the desired photo. Thanks to this, a real work of art is obtained. The program contains several drawing styles of the most famous artists. With it, you can create amazing drawings. A fairly simple control in which you need to select the desired template and upload a photo. In addition, there are many additional settings that will help create a picture of the style you need.
The entry threshold for the program is extremely low. You can literally do business in a couple of clicks: upload a photo, select a painting style and press the Start button. Well, then press the Stop button, because by default the program will apply strokes to the picture indefinitely. You see the stroke counter, and you see the process of gradually creating a picture. This is a very pleasant sight. At any time, you can stop drawing and save your work, or pause and view the details of the picture
If you think that you know better than the program what you want from the future picture, then you are offered the choice and settings of the color palette, the gradation of the expressiveness of the picture – from realism to surrealism, the degree of detail – how much closer you need to be to the original … There are settings in more in objective terms: the resolution of the final file in pixels (the resulting file may be larger than the original); the number of strokes of which the picture will consist; brush size…
You can also pre-work on the original image: specify areas that need to be drawn more carefully; set areas that do not need to pay attention to the artist’s brush. There is a modest post-editing of the resulting image.
• Best in class
• A large number of presets and painting techniques of the most famous artists
• Automatic: the program draws the picture for you using the appropriate brushes and styles
• The style of the technique of real artists
• The result does not depend on the resolution of the input image
• If your photo is not just the way you want it, you can fix it in the Paint Mask Tool, which allows you to paint with a brush.
• You can define the focus area for the brush. • Universal output • Easy to use interface
• Add an unconventional look to your photos or 3D images

• Integrated help
• Classic Gallerym – Various paintings created in different versions
• Watercolor Gallery – Paintings created with watercolor presets
• Van Gogh Gallery – Gallery of paintings in Van Gogh style
• Impressionists Gallery – Benson, Monet, Co…
• Realism and Golden Age Gallery – Realistic and photorealistic paintings
• Users Gallery – Various paintings made by users
In a Nutshell:
• Automatic, it does the painting for you
• Real-world artists inspired techniques
• It doesn’t depend on the input image resolution
• Add Non-traditional look to your photos or 3D renderings
• Versatile output
• Great easy to use interface
• Integrated help
• Runs on from Windows Vista to Win 8
• It is fun on the bun

Repack by Aleksbank:
MediaChance Dynamic Auto Painter PRO 5.0.4 (x64/x32)
Russian registered version
If desired, you can unzip the archives of additional presets and picture frames into the user’s objectpacks and Textures folders, respectively. The path to these folders is C:\Users\%UserName%\Documents\DAP . There is also a Preview folder with preview images of user (additional) presets and variations. The images will appear there the first time you apply a custom preset.
It is better not to climb into the program folders in the installation directory.
In the 32-bit version of the program, “for technical reasons” some lines are somehow “cut off”
MediaChance Dynamic Auto Painter PRO 5.0.4 (x64/x32) ~ 166 Mb
User Presets ~ 1.42 Gb
Picture Frames ~ 314 Mb


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