CorelDRAW 2017 – Core Portable 19 1.0.419 [WiN x86]

By | August 16, 2022


CorelDRAW 2017 x32 Core Portable En-Ru
Release year : 2017
Version : 19 Build 1.0.419
Developer : Corel Developer
site :
Bit depth : 32bit
Interface language : English + Russian
Tabletka : cured
System requirements : Windows 7 SP1, 8, 10 Creators Update
1. Office tool for formal, clerical work.
2. Quick launch from any disk.
3. Opening a CDR format file version 1…19.
4. Making changes to the project.
5. Saving the project in CDR version 11…19, PDF, DWG, AI, SVG, WMF, etc.
6. Print project.
Distribution updated: Improved compatibility with Windows 7 x32 SP1 with all updates.
(The UI Language registration list is invalid error fixed.)
But if the program loads without an icon file – the toolbars are empty – then Windows 7 is corrupted by tweakers.

1. Portable program.
2. The interface language is selected at startup.
3. The basic functionality (Core) is left in the program.
4. The program occupies ~125 Mb along with the temporary folder CorelSandbox.
5. Microsoft Visual C++ 2015 is integrated into the assembly
6. The program is built on Windows 7 x32 SP1 with all updates.

Add. Information :
Solving possible problems with launching on Windows 10 Creators Update,
as well as other updated systems, due to the introduction of Microsoft security enhancements and new modules:
1. Disable SmartScreen.
2. Add the program to the Windows Defender exclusion list.
3. Run the program from folders allowed by the system (for example, from the Desktop).
4. Run the program as an administrator (right-click).
5. If the program crashes, restart it (perhaps the CorelSandbox folder did not have time to fully form).
6. In case of repeated program errors, delete the CorelSandbox folder created nearby.
7. On laptops with switchable graphics, install a graphics card other than ATI Radeon for the program.

Solving possible problems with launching on Windows 7:
1. Turn on auto-update of the system and wait for the update.
2. If auto-update does not work, make sure you have SP1 and the full version of the system (not damaged by tweakers).
3. If the system is damaged, install the full version of Windows 7 SP1 with all updates.
4. Or use CorelDRAW X8 nano portable . However, after installing updates on Windows 7×32 from 09/25/2017 and CorelDRAW X8, it may crash.

PS There are dubious things in the original CorelDRAW:
– touch input for a regular computer;
– a file of icons and cursors CrlIcons.dll, 162 MB in size (!);
– font database FontDatabase.sqlitedb, in two places (!), 99 MB in size;
– copying *.msi installer files to c:\Windows\Installer\ with a volume of 600…900 MB;
– a lot of demo pictures;
– change file encoding with each new version.

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