Corona Renderer 8 for 3ds Max 2014-2023 [WiN x64]

By | August 17, 2022


Release Year/Date: June 30, 2022
Version: 8.2
Developer: Chaos Group
Developer site:
Bit depth: 64bit
Interface language: English
Tabletka: present
System requirements:
Autodesk 3ds Max x64 version 2014-2023
64-bit version of Microsoft Windows (8, 8.1, 10, 11)
Installation requires administrator rights
For Corona Renderer 2 and newer, you will need a processor that supports the SSE4.1 instruction set (any processor in the last 10 years). To use our optional Denoiser Quick Preview (NVIDIA OptiX), you need an NVIDIA GPU with Maxwell or a newer architecture and the latest GPU driver. Not all mobile GPUs are supported.
Note: This type of denoiser is optional and Corona Renderer will work fine even if it is not installed (for example, if you are using AMD or an integrated GPU). We also offer a high quality denoiser that uses the CPU exclusively and this denoiser can be used on any computer that can run Corona Renderer.
There are no other specific hardware requirements.
Distributed rendering also requires Autodesk Backburner, available for free from the Autodesk website
Corona Renderer officially supports 3ds Max 2018-2023.
Corona Renderer will also install and run under 3ds Max 2014-2017 and should work as expected; however, support for these versions is unofficial as we cannot test Corona Renderer under versions prior to 3ds Max 2018 due to Autodesk licensing restrictions.

Description: Chaos has released the latest version of their Corona 8 CPU render engine. The release includes new tools that improve workflow and integrate Corona into the Chaos product family.

What’s new in Corona 8:
Chaos Scatter has replaced the Corona Scatter. It offers more customization options, spline region elimination, and works the same in both Corona and V-Ray.

The Chaos Cosmos library is now also supported, with its help, creating large landscape scenes in the new scatter takes only a few minutes.

Corona Decal is an easy way to add detail on top of existing materials. The Corona Decal object projects the material loaded into it onto the surface like a sticker, can be overlaid on top of other decals, blend when applied, and is easily moved at any time.

Corona Slicer adds an important element of non-destructive modeling to 3DS MAX. The Corona Slicer material can be applied to any object to cut through another object or group and show what is inside. It also easily plugs resulting holes, applies materials, and presents the ability to animate all steps of the process. Corona Slicer is also optimized to work with Chaos Scatter.

Curvature Map simplifies the process of applying different materials to an object depending on how convex or concave the surface is. Previously, this effect could be created using the Corona AO map, but Curvature Map gives a more accurate result and adds options for changing color and material.

Corona Cryptomatte is a new render element used for post-processing and compositing. The item is called CSMasking_Cryptomatte and needs to be saved in .CXR format in order to save all available information.


Add. information:
Changelog Chaos Corona 8 for 3ds Max (Hotfix 2)

This release contains the following bug fixes:
– a fix for a crash if the render engine was swapped to Corona when not logged in to the Chaos License Server
– a fix for an issue where a black environment combined with non-black environment overrides could lead to NaNs.


Material Library is available at the link –

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