Redshift 3.0.16 for 3ds Max, MAYA, Cinema 4D, Houdini [WiN x64]

By | August 17, 2022


Release year : 2020
Version : 3.0.16
Developer : Redshift Rendering Technologies Inc
Interface language : English
Tablet : present
System requirements :

  1. operating systems
  2. Microsoft Windows: 64-bit Windows 7 / 8 / 10
  3. Linux: 64-bit distribution with glibc 2.12 or higher
  4. MacOS: Sierra (10.12) or High Sierra (10.13). Mohave (10.14) is not currently supported because there are no CUDA drivers for that OS!
    3D Applications Supported
  5. Autodesk Maya (Windows, Linux and macOS): 64-bit edition. 2014 or later
  6. Autodesk 3ds Max: 64-bit edition. 2013 or later
  7. Maxon Cinema4D (Windows and macOS): 64-bit edition. R16 or later
  8. SideFX Houdini (Windows, Linux and macOS): 64-bit edition. 15.5 or later
  9. The Foundry Katana (Windows, Linux): 64-bit edition. 2.5v4 or later
  10. 8GB of system memory
  11. Processor with SSE2 support (Pentium4 or better)
  12. NVidia GPU with CUDA compute capability 3.0 or higher and 4GB VRAM
  13. Single GPU
  14. 16GB of system memory or more
  15. Core i7 or Xeon equivalent, 3.0GHz or higher
  16. NVidia GPU with CUDA compute capability 6.0 or higher and 8GB of VRAM or more
  17. Multiple GPUs

Description : Redshift is a powerful GPU-based rendering engine capable of creating the highest quality products. Offering a range of features, this software is compatible with the most popular computer graphics software and is suitable for use by studios or creative artists. Redshift offers CPU-based rendering quality and capabilities at GPU speeds and, unlike other similar rendering engines, allows users to change methods to balance the performance and quality of the final product.

Redshift supports sophisticated shading networks and advanced texting capabilities and is compatible with all types of cameras used in scenes. You can use different lighting in this software to make your scenes look more realistic. This rendering engine is fully synchronized with programs such as Houdini, 3ds Max, Maya and Cinema4D and faithfully reproduces the details rendered by these programs.

  • Accurate rendering of scenes using the GPU
  • Rendering scenes with millions of polygons and thousands of gigabytes of texture information
  • Use GI techniques to quickly deliver indirect lighting
  • Support for OpenVDB rendering in all 3D programs.
  • Rendering the smallest particles of hair
  • Has SDK++C language
  • Prepare AOV Data Types
  • Compatible with PBR workflow in Anril Engin and Allegorithmic Substance
  • Supports various types of lighting, lens and camera effects.
  • Full synchronization with Houdini, 3ds Max, Maya and Cinema4D.

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    Wondering if we will ever see newer cracked versions, there’s a bunch of people out there selling them and some are surely profiting off the work of others.


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