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By | December 13, 2015

ProTools 10Pro Tools is a popular sound creation and production system; it is available in several different versions. Featuring professional hardware and software that work together with your computer, Pro Tools lets you easily accomplish everything from composing music and recording to editing and mixing sound for broadcast and post production – all within a single environment.


Pro Tools|HD
For the ultimate in audio quality and workflow efficiency, more music and post-production professionals use Pro Tools|HD systems than any other DAW. With superior sound quality, unmatched processing power, Pro Tools HD software, and the flexibility to scale the system to your needs, Pro Tools|HD provides the power to meet any challenge:

  • Customizable systems deliver pristine audio clarity, powerful performance (with zero latency), and reliability.
  • Work with up to up to 192 simultaneous audio tracks (256 virtual tracks).
  • Compose and mix music with up to 128 simultaneous Instrument tracks.
  • Fully integrated MIDI sequencing with up to 256 simultaneous MIDI tracks.
  • Supports up to 192 kHz resolution and up to 160 channels of I/O.
  • Gain full hands-on control with an ICON integrated console, C|24, or Command|8 control surface.


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  1. Kiran

    English readme: Your welcome
    1. Getting Started Pro Tools и Avid Virtual Instruments

    2. Install the Pro Tools by running setup.exe Note that you need to change the settings.

    3. Installing Avid Virtual Instruments, Installing Avid Virtual Instruments Setup.exe How to Change the Settings

    4. Install Pro Tools HD 10.3 patch (beta 7) Note on Installing Options (using the Patch folder)

    5. Installing KillerBugs v5 To change the settings (via the Patch folder)

    6. Installing the PACE License Support, Avid Core Rumtime, Avid HD Driver, DigiDriver (Using the Patch folder)

    For x64, the system is completely complete. The list is for x64, for x32 / x86 – x32 / x86.


    Quick Start Guide for Windows 7 Compatibility with Windows 7


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