Wrongtools – Plucked Clavinets (KONTAKT)

By | June 19, 2024


Publisher: Wrongtools
Website: wrongtools.com
Quality: 24 bit 48 kHz stereo

Description: The plucked clavinet is an alternative to the electric guitar? It is a radical departure in sound, originating from the unique sounds of the Hohner Clavinet. A deep and colorful, freely formed exploration of clavinet timbres. And very different from the sounds that are usually associated with the clavinet. The sounds were caused by plucking the strings. Not using the keyboard. By playing directly on the strings, you can use a variety of techniques commonly used by guitarists. But it doesn’t look like a guitar! The Clavinet has been reincarnated into various forms and adventurous patches.

– Hohner plucked clavinet
– A fresh alternative to electric guitar sounds
– Recorded with guitar effects and amplifiers
– Custom IR reverbs
– Articulation switch control with ks or cc
– Options for running random samples
– Round robin options
– Setting up effects and multiple tracksRequires full version of Kontakt 6.7.1+

Analogue signal chains, loads of pedals, amps and high-end microphones were used in the making.

The [FX] Sculpt tool is for anyone who wants to play around with sub generating aromas and creative transformations.

Choose from a variety of flexible modulation options such as an Pitch Follower (synth), multiple granular, sadistic filter, complex randomized serial connected evolving textures and sound design elements.

The mix controls allow you to blend together the different mixes and set the volume levels to your likings. There are up to 5 mixes to choose from, each one intended to provide a different sound and allow flexibility.

A deep and colorful free formed research into the Clavinet core. Turns out there’s more to Hohner clavinet than what it has established itself to be!

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