West One Music – WOM001-WOM050 (MP3)

By | August 25, 2023


Producer: West One Music
Website: http://www.westonemusic.com
Audio codec: MP3
Quality: 16 bit, 320 kbps, 48 kHz, stereo
All files contain tags.

Description: The West One Music library consists of more than two hundred albums with a variety of genres and directions. WOM’s music has been used in trailers, commercials, radio and TV.
Due to the limitation on the size of the torrent file, for now I am posting albums from 1 to 50. The rest will be in the next distributions (it is planned to post everything up to the 235th album).

Content :
JVJ001 Epic Action & Adventure
WOM 001 Ancestral
WOM 002 Bluekey
WOM 003 Regression
WOM 004 Redemption
WOM 005 Weekender
WOM 006 Slipstream
WOM 007 Oxygen
WOM 008 Conspiracy
WOM 009 Wireless
WOM 010 Amerindio
WOM 011 Multiplex
WOM 012 Clarity
WOM 013 Oriental
WOM 014 Refresh
WOM 015 Utopia
WOM 016 Independent
WOM 017
WOM 018 Jazzisms
WOM 019 Acro 1
WOM 020 Acro 2
WOM 021 Vapor
WOM 022 Destination
WOM 023 Sunshine Feel good
WOM 024 Eastside
WOM 025 Sanctus
WOM 026 Pianoforte
WOM 027 Eirinn
WOM 028 Mesmerise
WOM 029 Route 66
WOM 030 Sabroson
WOM 031 Attitude
WOM 032 Jumpin
WOM 033 Warpz
WOM 034 Lounge
WOM 035 Ambience
WOM 036 Breaks
WOM 037 American Dream
WOM 038 Anthropology
WOM 039 Drumming
WOM 040 Weekender 2
WOM 041 I.D
WOM 042 Motion
WOM 043 Union
WOM 044 Christmas
WOM 045 Aspiration
WOM 046 Livewire
WOM 047 Big Screen Themes
WOM 048 R&B
WOM 050 Hip Hop

Additional Information
The distribution also includes the only album of the JVJ series – Epic Action & Adventure. Also in the distribution there are covers for all WOM albums, as well as for all albums released under the label Fired Earth Music, JVJ, PostHaste Music, Refuel Music, Spider Cues Music, The Scoring House and WOM 1000th series in the highest available resolution (all images, except for the covers of the last 3 albums of PostHaste Music and the 3rd first albums of Fired Earth Music, have a resolution of 1646×1486; the covers of the above albums have a resolution of 600×600).

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