Valhallir – VH-LA-IRT212 Laney Ironheart 2×12 – IR library (WAV)

By | June 8, 2024


Publisher: Valhallir
Format: WAV
Quality: 16 and 24 bit 44.1, 48, 96 kHz mono

Description: High-quality guitar impulses with sampling rates of 44.1, 48, and 96 kHzAt the office. The Valhallir website, as well as other stores, has already deleted this library. A link is provided to the manufacturer.
This is agreed upon with the relevant moderator.



Additional Information : The IRT212 speaker cab is loaded with 2 HH Custom designed 12 Custom drivers that hammer out a blistering 160 watts (8 Ohms).
BIG tone, great low-end response, open mids and a sweet top end.

840 WAV
VH-LA-IRT212 44100Hz-16bit-170ms
VH-LA-IRT212 44100Hz-16bit-500ms
VH-LA-IRT212 44100Hz-24bit-170ms
VH-LA-IRT212 44100Hz-24bit-500ms
VH-LA-IRT212 48000Hz-16bit-170ms
VH-LA-IRT212 48000Hz-16bit-500ms
VH-LA-IRT212 48000Hz-24bit-170ms
VH-LA-IRT212 48000Hz-24bit-500ms
VH-LA-IRT212 96000Hz-24bit-170ms
VH-LA-IRT212 96000Hz-24bit-500ms
Each folder containing RAW and MP waves

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