Valhallir – Britains Finest (WAV)

By | June 23, 2022


Publisher: Valhallir
Format: WAV
Quality: 16, 24 bit 44.1, 48, 96 kHz mono

Description: is proud to present the new cabinet package “Britains Finest”.
This IR collection contains guitar impulses from some of the finest Marshall™ cabinets we’ve had the privilege of appreciating over the years.

Pin1968: Marshall™ 1960A™ “Pinstripe” built in 1965 loaded with Celestion™ G12M (20 Watt Pre-Rola “pulsonic cone”) speakers made in 1968.
MF280: Marshall™ Mode Four oversized 4X12 cab loaded with Celestion™ V30MF (70 Watt)
CB1971: Marshall™1971 loaded with 2 x Celestion Greenback G12M25 T1221, 1 x T1220, 1 x T1886 Artiste
Art1971: Marshall™ 2069, “Artiste” built 1971 loaded with Celestion™ G12H30 (Pre-Rola „pulsonic cone“) speakers made in 1971.
JCM1981: Marshall™ 1960A™ JCM800™ built 1981 loaded with Celestion™ G12-65 speakers.
8101968: Marshall™ 1990 Lead 80 Cab built 1968 loaded with eight 10″ Celestion™ T7442 (10 Watt).
Jimi1982: Marshall™ Jimi Hendrix Edition, Oversized, loaded with Celestion™ G12C (a special version of the 25 Watts Greenbacks)
CS Mars1960: Marshall™1960 TV Oversized Cab, loaded with Celestion™ Greenback G12M25 (25 Watt) from the 80ies.
PeteTS812: Marshall™ 812T40/B40 8×12 Cabinet Pete Townsend Reissue, 8 Celestion™ T652™ AlNiCo “Silver” Speakers.
1960AX: Marshall™1960AX Ltd 1997 loaded with Celestion™’G12M25 Greenbacks
T75Anni: Marshall™1960 built 1992, loaded with Celestion™G12T75’ers.

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