UVI – PX Memories v1.0.2 (UVI Workstation, Falcon)

By | February 8, 2024


Publisher: UVI
Website: UVI PX Memories
Quality: 24 bit 48 kHz stereo

Description: Based on Lintronics Advanced Memorymoog (LAMM)Moog Memorymoog, upgraded by Lintronics.PX Memories offers you a full arsenal of controls that allow you to change and enrich the sound of the instrument and thus tailor it to your needs. You have a multi-mode filter for each program, filter and amplitude envelopes, pitch and stereo controls, very practical assignments to the modulation wheel, step modulators and LFOs, versatile arpeggiators and an extensive effects section, including a 3-band EQ, overdrive. , Thorus, ensemble effect, Phasor, delay and Sparkverb.
The LAMM is a rare, iconic instrument that produces timeless, inspiring and versatile analog sound. It makes it easy to achieve thunderous bass, great leads, and massive pads. Live out your analog dreams to perfection with PX Memories.

We recorded 38,988 sound samples to integrate into PX Memories an impressive bank of 353 presets, created from 171 programs and organized into 16 categories, including basic sounds, animated arpeggios, animated sequences, bass, bells, brass, chords, effects, and more. etc. keyboards, leads, organs, pads, plucked sounds, polyphonic synths, strings, etc. You can customize each of the PX Memories patches; so you have a choice: use them as is or use them as a basis for your own sound design.

The Memorymoog was the most ambitious of Moog Music Inc.’s instruments, but the development of this polyphonic synthesizer nonetheless seemed unfinished.
The tool was indeed notoriously unstable and the system was difficult to navigate.
Lintronics, a synthesizer repair and modification shop based in Germany and run by Rudi Lindhard, wanted to improve this machine to make it the dream instrument it was intended to be.
It took 6 years to completely change the system.

People lucky enough to purchase LAMM were able to find that legendary six-voice sound, but in a more stable version, easier to edit, with optimized connectivity, improved stereo output, as well as full MIDI implementation that allows panel controls to send and receive Control messages Change, etc.

We are proud and excited to bring you the iconic and inspiring sounds of the LAMM, the ultimate version of this incredible and very rare instrument.
Starting with the new LAMM, our team of sound engineers have created a huge collection of custom sounds spanning both classic and modern styles, with creative arpeggios, effects, evolving soundscapes and more. This gives you an incredible variety of especially inspiring sounds.

Each of the patches we developed for PX Memories was sampled in detail in normal original unison and in LAMM-specific stereo unison mode. You’ll be able to use real samples of the instrument’s sounds, then seamlessly switch to unison modes and play them polyphonically, which was not possible on the original instrument.

Another important advantage of PX Memories is the ability to load two programs simultaneously and control them separately with perfect expressiveness. Each program in PX Memories functions as its own audio layer, essentially allowing you to combine, filter, animate and arpeggiate (together or separately) the entire second LAMM to create unparalleled analog sounds. In addition, the unison settings are individual for each program. By combining them, you can play using up to 36 real analog voices per note.

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