u-he – Satin v1.3.0, Presswerk v1.1.1 (VST, VST3) [Win x86 x64]

By | September 1, 2016
u-he Satin v1.3.0
u-he takes you back to the golden era of records on magnetic tape with a new plug-in Satin. Plug-in recreates the work tape recorders of all kinds. The developers have gone further and have added the old noise-canceling system, kootrye often used as a tonal compression effect, and also add more heads to create a tape delay. The plugin allows you to achieve an authentic sound thanks to the soft harmonic distortion, nonlinear compression, uneven frequency response, as well as due to the instability of pitch. Also, the plugin allows to continuously adjust the speed of the film, which in turn changes the character of the sound, low speed makes more noise and reduces high frequency, high speed donates bass. Service panel provides access to the complex parameters, including a wow and flutter, and offset physical attributes reproduce head.
Satin 1.3 
June 27, 2016
New features and improvements
– Added Preferences panel
– New VST3 support. See VST3_ReadMe.txt for more information
– Improved MIDI learn functionality
Bug fixes
– The ‘previous preset’ button was sometimes not responsive after navigating into an empty folder
– Maschine 2 crashes when creating an empty project or quitting host after recording automation for Satin
– Wavelab: Using UI sizes other than 100% could garble the GUI. Fixed in VST2, still present in VST3
– Metering: dim ghost levels are shown in Satin’s meter
– Satin’s modulation rate is totally different to Satin 1.1
– Samplitude: deactivating Satin’s Bypass mutes audio on same track
– When grouped, unlocking a parameter freezes GUI
– Flanger: waveform reversed at 0.50 when MIDI triggering
– Naming of groups was not possible under some circumstances
– Logic X: crash when reordering or removing instances
– Display shows ‘1’ and ‘0’ for many parameters
– Preset parameters are not being spread correctly among grouped instances
– ‘Bypass’ and ‘Bypass Tape’ button causes less clicking (but adds mild phasing due to crossfade)
Known issues
– VST3: Some features are not available in VST3 standard. See VST3_ReadMe.txt
u-he Presswerk v1.1.1
Plug characteristics include classical compressor and includes a large number of options and their use. Presswerk has several display modes that provide you with a choice of 3 classic devices, and allows you to select a topology control the stage before and after suturatsii and has Analog mode that allows you to recreate the response phase and transient behavior of the classic equipment.
Presswerk 1.1.1
June 27, 2016
New features and improvements
– Scrollbar in the patch browsers description window
– Presswerk now has only a single skin, which has been improved skin with display of linked channel
– Original Plus skin has been removed from installer, though it might be present from previous installations. This helps prevent accidental editing of the linked channel.
– Added VST3 support including sidechain support. However, MIDI learn is not fully supported, but MIDI Controllers can be assigned in MIDI list view using VST3 specific techniques
– Ability to copy and paste setting from VST2 to VST3 (Windows only)
Bug fixes
– Cross-platform compatibility issue with Windows VST2 version
– Touch link: locked states not updating correctly (M / S Program Compressor View)
– Small memory leaks
– Preset name abbreviated when reopening GUI
– ‘Bypass’ state can be stored in a preset but not in a project (AU only)
– Inaccurate parameters via GUI (rounding errors), values shown as integers while actually being fractional numbers
– Reaper: freeze when using Original Plus skin
– DPR clicks
– Pro Tools: dynamic latency reporting sometimes ignored by host
– Data Graph may appear aliased on GUI sizes other than 100%
– ‘Link’ button state set to ‘on’ after recalling project (Mac only)
– VU: right needle jumps more than left needle
Known issues
– VST3: Some features are not available in VST3 standard. See VST3_ReadMe.txt
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