Trance Euphoria – Johnny Yono Uplifting Trance Construction Kits Vol 1 (MIDI, WAV, SPiRE)

By | July 17, 2020


Publisher: Trance Euphoria
Website: sounds.beatport
Format: MIDI, WAV, SPiRE 1.1.14+
Quality: 24 bit 44.1 kHz stereo

Description: Trance Euphoria is very pleased to introduce you ‘Johnny Yono Uplifting Trance Construction Tits Vol. 1 ’, including the 20 best trance sets (WAV, MIDI and Spire presets)
This incredible kit includes samples, MIDI and Spire presets for next or current trance projects on 138BPM Uplifting Trance Style.

Content :
20 x Uplifting Trance Construction Kits
Each Kit Song Key Labelled.
All Kits Recorded @ 138BPM
310 Total 24-Bit Wav Files.
92 x MIDI Files.
92 x Spire Presets.
20 x Mixdown Demos.
100% Royalty Free.
825MB Zipped | 1GB Unzipped
One Shots:
20 x Kicks
20 x Claps
13 x Crashes
10 x Rides
1 x Conga
1 x Big Snare
2 x Toms
7 x Reverse Cymbals
3 x Snare Rolls
20 x Open Hats
20 x Closed Hats
7 x Percussion Loops
10 x Percussion Fills
20 x Leads
22 x Pads
10 x Plucks
1 x Bell Pluck
17 x Rolling Bass
20 x Sub Bass
1 x Vocal
2 x Mid Bass
1 x FX Downlifter
1 x FX Downshifter
18 x FX Downwash
15 x FX Upwash
5 x FX Impact
1 x FX Roar Bass
1 x FX Reverse
2 x FX Uplifter
1 x FX
Other Samples:
3 x Acids
1 x Synth Stab
1 x Pad Stab
1 x Saw Bass
6 x Vocal Sweeps
3 x Vocal Stabs
3 x Misc Vocals
Synth Presets Compatibility:
* Please Use Spire Version 1.1.14 Or Higher.

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