Toontrack – Hitmaker SDX (SOUNDBANK)

By | January 24, 2023


Publisher: Toontrack
Website: Toontrack
Quality: 24 bit 44.1 kHz stereo

Description: If the iconic tom-streak in the middle of Phil Collins’ 1981 hit “In The Air Tonight” doesn’t give you goosebumps every time you hear it, then please check your pulse. While Collins certainly did wonders with sticks, the sound of this haunting drum recording – with its restrained electronic elements, memorable tom sound and massive gated reverb snare – was largely Hugh Padham’s own. Indeed, through production and engineering credits that include a stellar roster of musical greats of the 1980s and 1990s, he created an approach to recording and mixing drums that influenced a generation of hits and can be heard even to this day.

Now that Toontrack and Hugh Padham are collaborating on the latest SDX for Superior Drummer 3, simply called Hitmaker, you can apply the same approach and the same epic sounds to your own recordings. Combining a collection of period-accurate acoustic drum kits, a good crop of classic drum machines, the undeniably great equipment and recording space of British Grove Studios (based in London and owned by Mark Knopfler), and Padham’s recording and engineering expertise, the Hitmaker SDX is a mouth-watering prospect. So, is this a hit? Midi grooves and an update for this library is here

Additional Information :
Minimal Installation (Default Mic Setup. This is a basic install of the library featuring all close, primary overhead and ambience microphones.)
sound* 1-18.obw
Standard Installation (Surround Mic Setup. This is a partial install of the library featuring all close, primary overhead, ambience and all room microphones. This is the minimum install for presets to sound as intended..)
sound* 1-31.obw
Full Installation (Full Mic Setup. This is the full install of the library featuring all microphones and bleed.)
sound* 1-50.obw

3 thoughts on “Toontrack – Hitmaker SDX (SOUNDBANK)

  1. Micky62

    Is it possible to have the folder containing the Midi files and the .dmg file to update the library to version 1.0.2? Thanks in advance!

  2. vroome

    The intended link within the description pointing @ location of midi & update for the package didn’t take. Could someone update plz?

  3. arrabas

    required to run this SDX with all midi and 1.0.2 update SD3 app must be update to 3.3.5


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