ToneBoosters – All Plugins Bundle 3.1.4 (VST, AU) [WIN, OSX x86 x64]

By | August 23, 2016

ToneBoosters All Plugins Bundle – a powerful suite of professional plug-in format VST, which contains virtually all the information you need for music and sound processing. Presented audio plugins based on more than ten years of research and product development in the field of digital sound processing and auditory perception. They include advanced sound processing techniques with an easy to use interface to optimize workflow.

The kit includes the following plugins:
  • TB_Barricade_v3 – – Hard Limiter (brickwall) restrictions
  • TB_BusCompressor_v3 – very transparent processor designed for comprehensive dynamic processing from one track to the mix as a whole.
  • TB_Compressor_v3 – the compressor;
  • TB_DeEsser_v3 – deizer
  • TB_Dither_v3 – designed to change the word length of audio signals with minimal loss of quality
  • TB_EBUCompact_v3 (2014) – – plug for measuring the volume of the stereo signal;
  • TB_EBULoudness_v3 (2014) – – plug-in measurement and normalization of sound using the volume instead of the standard Peak Meter;
  • TB_Equalizer_v3 – – EQ with spectrum analyzer;
  • TB_Evoke_v3 – consists of integrated filter, “smart” Gate, transparent compressor, multiband processor, removing excess sibilance and exciter in one convenient plug-in
  • TB_Ferox_v3 – – tape emulator;
  • TB_FlX_v3 – Dynamic EQ
  • TB_FlX4_v3
  • TB_Gate_v3 – gate;
  • TB_Isone_v3 – binaural emulator monitor system (headphones);
  • TB_Module_v3 – – chorus, echo, phaser, tremolo, auto-panner, tape delay, and others. A wide variety of modulation effects in a single plug-in;
  • TB_ReelBus_v3 – – emulate the Japanese and Swiss film recorders;
  • TB_Reverb_v3 – – algorithmic reverb;
  • TB_TimeMachine_v3 – – emulation of vintage samplers;


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