Third Person Camera(s) v2.2 (Unity Asset) [WiN x64]

By | August 5, 2022


Year/Date of Issue:16.05.2018
Version: 2.2
Developer: Advanced Utilities
Developer site: _
Bit depth: 64bit
Interface language: English
tablet: not required
System requirements: Unity 5.0.0 or higher

Advanced solutions.
Third party cameras provide users with a pallet of pre-built camera controllers and all the supporting code needed to build them.
Finished cameras are available:
• Side scrolling camera (NEW)
• Follow the camera
• Basic 3rd person camera
• Target camera lock
• Hold position camera
• Multi-camera controller

Side Scroll Camera (NEW)
This camera was designed to look at the target without the user having to worry about giving it input. Just specify how you want to look at the target and you’re done. You can still rotate and adjust the camera just like everyone else.
Follow the camera
This camera was designed to follow a target. As the target rotates, the camera will maintain a position behind the target, which can be adjusted.
Basic 3rd person camera controller
This camera controller works the way you would expect a third camera controller to work. It follows the target and can rotate around it and zoom in and out. It was designed with World of Warcraft’s camera functionality in mind.
Camera lock controller
This camera controller was designed with Nintendo’s Z-targeting in mind. This camera controller uses 2 targets to determine where it is and where it is looking. You can place a target on or near your character, and then you can target other objects’ Transformations to look at them. Lerping and anti-aliasing between targets is of course included, as is the case with all controllers.
Position camera controller
This camera controller keeps the camera position in one place and looks at the target. Sounds pretty basic, however this camera can also take into account things like line of sight and target zoom so you can keep seeing the target if you like it, if you want it, as well as various screen shake-inducing add-ons. It takes an idea to just look at the goal to another level.
Multi-camera controller
It is a simple camera controller that takes control of other camera controllers and offers the ability to seamlessly switch between them. This is very useful if you are using a regular 3rd person camera and want to quickly lock on to a target. That being said, you just ask it to switch and it can seamlessly switch to block mode or switch instantly if you want. Note that this camera is independent of the state of the camera it controls.

from individual components:
Each camera controller is made up of a number of prefabricated components that can be added to them. The logic inside each controller is fairly minimal, as the component encapsulates most of the logic. This allows the user to quickly develop their own camera controllers using the functionality developed in this package. It also means that all the source code is neatly broken down into parts, so if you’re interested in how something works, it’s easy to figure out where it’s done, which is great if your interest in this package is in how it works.

Everything is designed for easy use by the average person, including those with no programming skills. Each camera controller also comes with a host of features and settings that allow both novice and advanced users to customize the camera to suit their needs. To get started, simply drag the desired camera controller script onto any object and set up its main fields. For each camera controller, you set the camera to be used and the target you want the camera controller to look at. You can then change any settings on the individual camera controller to suit your needs, or interact with its components in code.


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