The Hunt – Cyberpunk Pack v1.1 (Unity Asset) [WiN x64]

By | August 7, 2022


Year/Date of Issue:03.01.2019
Version: 1.1
Developer: beffio
Developer site: _
Bit depth: 64bit
Interface language: English
Tabletka: not required
System requirements: Unity 2017.3.1 or higher

Unity Awards 2018 Best Artistic Content Winner!
Hunt is a next generation Unity3D project that explores new ways to create assets. At beffio studio we want to provide you with an experience that will inspire you to create something amazing in AAA quality. We spent a lot of time on the idea, concept art, execution and even musical composition to give a revolutionary quality asset, a tool to create your own story using The Hunt content.
Hunting contains more than 300 models.
This package was created for desktop platforms. We use a volumetric lighting system to light all scenes (the plugin is included in this package). The number of model triangles starts at 500 triangles and – in the most complex meshes – ends up at 10k (including LOD). The number of triangles in scenes ranges from 300k to 1.5 million triangles. Scenes are heavy in triangles because we used over 10,000 elements to create each scene.

About scenes:
Three main scenes with animation of the entire trailer, made using Timeline and Animation System.

About items inside:
Animated Character, Animated Car, First Person Perspective, HUD, Human Detector, Shopping Cart, Billboard, Air Conditioner, Hand Crank, Awning, Ceiling Panel, Bar Counter, Bar Interior Walls, Barrels, Billboards, Bottles, Cables, Can, Capsule, Cardboard box, Chair, Chinese food container, City hydrant, Concrete road, Drawer, Crumpled paper, Cup, Wardrobe, Door, Door lock, Wastebasket, Electrical box, Euro palette, Fence, Fire escape, Flyer, Food container, Pedestrian Bridge, Gate, Lattice, Insulator, Staircase, Lantern, Light stand, Neon, Newspaper, Ball, Pipes, Plants, Satellite, Saw, Shaft, Shelf, Shutter, Soil, Street lamp, Trash bag, Valve, Wires

About custom shaders:
Billboard & Neon Glitch Shader, Car Shader, Car Shader, Digital Shader, Environment Shader, HUD, Human Detector, Orb Drone Shader, Shader, Skin Shader, UI Halo Shader

About textures:
Custom HDRI and reflective probes, Atlases textures,

The Hunting Resource Pack was created over several months of hard work by five artists. At beffio studio we make sure that the art direction is consistent and well balanced. Our team on this project included concept artists, 3D artists, texture artists, compositors and level designers. First of all, we wanted to make sure that the world we were going to build would be intriguing and compelling. That’s why we started with a creative concept, backed up with thumbnails and sketches to help us visualize as many interesting ideas as possible. Gradually, we developed the initial projects and the world of the Hunt began to take shape. After that, it was time to do some 3D modeling and then final assembly and implementation into the Unity3D engine. At the final stage, we pay great attention to color gradation, composition, atmosphere and overall mood. This futuristic city is an eclectic place with tons of different props. Along with high-tech technologies and devices, we needed to create everyday objects that would give us some human context and make the scene more believable. The texturing step was very important as we could see the 3d models come to life with rust, dirt, scratches or stickers. Once everything was ready, it was time to work on some level design, which was really fun. Seeing this futuristic city come to life with characters, vehicles, architecture and hundreds of tiny details in Unity was a truly fun and enjoyable experience. We created the world and completely immersed ourselves in it. And we hope you do too.

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