The Foundry MODO 12.1v1 + Crack [Win]

By | July 29, 2018


The Foundry MODO
Foundry MODO  is a complete solution for researching design, creating content for games, character animation and producing high-quality promotional images. Created for artistic workflows, MODO allows you to achieve easy creation of digital content and design.

Artists and designers can freely explore and focus on creative endeavors that maximize product quality in less time.

Main Features

Engineered for speed and creativity, and featuring award-winning MeshFusion Boolean tools, MODO’s flexible modeling tools are ideal for both freeform.
UV workflows
MODO’s industry-leading UV tools are tightly integrated with modeling and sculpting functions, offering a powerful workflow for creating and editing both regular and multi-tiled UDIM UVs.
Bring your artistic expression to 3D modeling as you use MODO’s intuitive, fully integrated brush-based sculpting tools.



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