SuperMegaUltraGroovy – Capo 3.5.8 [Intel OSX]

By | April 19, 2018


Year of manufacture : 2017
Version : 3.5.8
Developer : SuperMegaUltraGroovy
Developer’s site : SuperMegaUltraGroovy
Platform : Intel only
Language : English
Tablet : The program is treated (does not require the introduction of data / enter any data)
System requirements : macOS El Capitan (10.11)

Description : Capo uses advanced signal processing and automatic learning techniques to help you quickly learn songs by ear. Its powerful, easy-to-use tools allow you to delve into the details of the recording so you can learn how to play songs more accurately and in less time.
Change the tempo : Decelerate (or accelerate) the recording without changing the pitch. Practice recording at a comfortable pace or listen carefully to make sure that you have not missed any notes. The high-quality Capo stretch engine guarantees that your music will sound great at any speed.
Solo mute instruments or vocals : By adjusting the Capo controls, you can solo or mute one instrument / vocal to hear it more clearly, or eliminate it to create a custom background track. The advanced isolation effect of Capo is the Neptune isolation engine.
Get chords : Capo analyzes the songs that you download by “listening” to them, and then displays all the chords that it hears. In addition to the name of the chords, Capo can show chords for guitar, ukulele, banjo, mandolin and even 4-6 string basses. He can even display left-handed chords for lefties!
Listen to each note : Use the mouse to “draw” notes inside the spectrogram. When you click and select each note, you will hear its playback and because tabulation is automatically created for you – you do not need to keep a notebook on hand to fix everything yourself.

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Basic features :

Slow down audio without affecting pitch
Transpose to different keys
Isolate instruments and vocals
Eliminate instruments and vocals
Scrub with audio
Song Analysis
Detects chords, and the key of your song files
Uses beat detection to calculate tempo and provide snapping
Powerful Spectrogram display for simple tabbing
Draw on the Spectrogram to generate tablature
Displays tablature for Guitar, Banjo, Mandolin, Ukulele, and 4-6 string Bass
Detected chords can be edited at a time, or globally
Displays chord boxes for Guitar, Banjo, Mandolin, Ukulele, and 4-6 string Bass
Left-handed chord box display
Song-synchronized click track
Includes 5 different metronome sounds
Metronome can count in your looping regions
Markers / Regions
Regions can be looped for practice
Markers mark the notable points in a song
Rename regions and change their colors to keep
User Interface
Designed specifically for the Mac
Switch between Practice and Tabbing modes
Supports MacBook Pro with Touch Bar
Toggle visibility of Chords and Notes
Full Screen support
Audio, user entries, and effects are saved into Projects
Sync projects using iCloud for use with Capo touch and your other Macs
Share projects using AirDrop, Messages, and more
Custom Control
Capo can be configured to use custom keystrokes for playback control
Use MIDI foot switches and controllers to control Capo’s playback
Supported File Formats
Purchased, DRM-free audio from iTunes
Can not load protected M4P files
M4A / AIFF files with playback adjustments
Audio-synchronized MIDI files with chord and note entries

A Mac with macOS El Capitan or newer

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