Strezov Sampling – Voices of Rhodope – Anna (KONTAKT)

By | April 16, 2024


Publisher: Strezov Sampling
Website: Voices of Rhodope: Anna
Format: KONTAKT (6.8+)
Quality: 24 bit 48 kHz stereo

Description: Balkan Ethnic Vocals. One of the most requested collections over the years, we have had a cinematic solo vocal collection dedicated to ethnic Bulgarian singing. With Voices of Rhodope – Anna we have finally decided to bring you such a collection and have made sure that it is as reproducible and easy to use as possible.

Expressive true legato for all vowels, as well as Mm and various embellishments that you can activate directly from the keyboard, allow you to create an authentic Bulgarian singing performance in seconds.

Anna was recorded in a medium sized hall with the standard ambient hall configuration one would expect from soundtrack recordings, as well as close microphone placement. This allows it to fit seamlessly into orchestral arrangements, as well as pop or EDM productions.

The library has one dynamic layer (forte) to preserve realistic non-phasing sound inside the sampler. However, due to the nature of the different vowels, it is still possible to achieve a very dynamic sound. There is much more drama in “Ah” than, for example, in “Mm.”

In addition, we recorded three different types of sustains (regular sustain, decorated sustain, shake / “trésene” [in Bulgarian] sustain), two types of legato (regular and decorated) and two types of releases (regular and rises / “trésene” releases). .

All of these sounds can be accessed simply by pressing the keyboard (and using the CC64’s sustain pedal), as our goal was to make these sounds available immediately after using the library, without having to set up controls in the GUI.

Additional Information :
A cinematic solo vocal collection dedicated to ethnic Bulgarian singing, known as Rhodope Ethnic Bulgarian Choir. A voice from which every project can benefit – be it a trailer, a documentary, a period piece, a drama; call it anything! Just close your eyes and you will be transported across the Rhodope Mountains in an instant.

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