Splice Sounds – Dasha Rush Techno Toys Sample Pack (WAV)

By | March 17, 2023


Publisher : Splice Sounds
Website : splice.com
Format : WAV
Quality : 16 bit 44.1 kHz stereo

Description : Dasha Rush is a Russian-born artist who creates a wide range of electronic music and art projects. The sounds in this pack are best described as hypnotic. They evoke old-school techno underground excitement by offering something new and refreshing. Use them for trance or ambient compositions, in the most lively fireworks or for new age space music. Give free rein to your imagination.
Among releases on labels such as Sonic Groove and Raster Noton and collaborations with several others, most of Dasha Rash’s work is released on her own imprint, Fullpanda Records and the more experimental sub-label Hunger to Create.
The beginning of her musical activity at a very young age took place in her homeland in Russia and progressed organically through a move to France. She has grown as an electronic music composer, producer and DJ through her experiments and collaborations with dancers, artists and other artists.
Rush sees the genre as a starting point, not a destination. And evokes a mixture of rather rare electronic experiments – more akin to a short movement of the underground music scene.
Her latest album on Raster-Noton, Sleepstep may be a metaphor for her musical work: “These 16 pieces are transitions between sleep and wakefulness,” said Tony Naylor, a reflection of the in-between zones in which her music often lives. Dubbed yet intense, brutal yet gentle, hazy yet clear, Sleepstep was a marvelous mass of contradictions. Not being one or the other is vital to Rush, which goes hand in hand with her strong independence.

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