Spectrasonics – Bundle Omnisphere, Keyscape, Trilian v8.12.2021 (STANDALONE, VST, VST3, AU) [OSX]

By | December 29, 2021


Release Year: 2021
Release Date: December 8
Version: Keyscape 1.3.1c
Version: Omnisphere 2.8.2c
Version: Trilian 1.6.1c
Developer: Spectrasonics
Developer site: Spectrasonics
Platform: iNTEL
Bit depth: 64-bit
Tablet: Cured, put and work | MORiA
System requirements: Mac: macOS 10.15 Catalina or higher | Omnisphere Patches v2.8.0c or higher

Description: Omnisphere is a leading synthesizer, the fruit of several years of development by Spectrasonics®, an extraordinary and versatile instrument, a plug-in that combines many different types of synthesis into one amazing sounding instrument. This epic synthesizer is based on completely new sound technologies, combining a wide variety of real-time hybrid synthesis methods, an epic library of psychoacoustic sounds, and many innovative features that have never been seen before in hardware or software synthesizers.


Open a terminal insert the line below and hit the ENTER
the open ~ / Library then / the Application How it works Support / Spectrasonics’
In the opened window Finder eslm no STEAM folder you need to create it
Then we pass on the link to download a file and open the torrent and choose the content that is needed.

Carefully set the checkboxes on the items of the desired content

After the required content has been downloaded, open the image or all three images and copy everything to the STEAM folder as written at the beginning of the instructions.
After copying, close the images and open Omnisphere or Trilian or Keyscape and the program will ask you to specify the path to the STEAM folder.
We indicate the STEAM folder. Close Omnisphere or Trilian or Keyscape. Reopen Omnisphere or Trilian or Keyscape. Ready.
To place the libraries on another disk, create a STEAM folder in the place you need, and also copy all the content there as indicated above.
Create a shortcut to the STEAM folder
Open the terminal, paste the line below and press ENTER
open ~ / Library / Application Support / Spectrasonics
If there is a STEAM folder, you need to delete it (Making sure that all the content has been copied to another disk) and move the created STEAM shortcut to this folder with the mouse.

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    Sorry, but it needs better instructions for library download and installation. It’s very confusing.


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