SPC Plugins – ArcSyn 2.1, Freek 1.1, Gater-Pro 4.0, Morphilter 1.3, Wobbulator 2.5 – iNSTALL, NO INSTALL, SymLink Installer (VSTi, VST) [Win x86 x64]

By | October 19, 2018


Year / Release Date: assembly – 02/17/2018, manufacturer – 2013 – 2018
Version: see description
Developer: SPC Plugins
Developer website: www.spcplugins.com
Format: VSTi, VST
Digit capacity: x86, x64
Tabletka: Keys
System requirements: Windows 7 and higher.


ArcSyn 2.1 is a polyphonic virtual analogue synthesizer with a modulation matrix, an effects unit and a step sequencer.
Cyclic modulators that are synchronized with the pace of the project, with built-in preset-randomizers:
Freek 1.1 is a stereo delay, LFO controlled phaser.
Gater-Pro 4.0 – stereo trans-gate.
Morphilter 1.3 is a LFO-controlled stereo filter.
Wobbulator 2.5 is a stereo ring modulator with distortion, sample rate reduction, cross modulation, controlled by the LFO.


Short description:
A) SAVING THE WORK, delete the folders remaining from the previous installations;
B) run the command file for creating symlinks (Windows Junction Points) – SymLink Installer.cmd;
C) start DAW by setting the path * of scanning of VST2 plug-ins, scan for new plug-ins, launch them and (if required) register them.
* For x86 VST2 – C: Program Files (x86) VstPlugins. For x64 VST2 – C: Program Files VstPlugins.



– Is registration of this software necessary?
– Not.
Registration is provided with files:
.. C Users (Current User Name) AppData Roaming ArcSyn ArcSyn.dat
.. C Users (Current User Name) AppData Roaming Freek Freek.dat
.. C Users (Current User Name) AppData Roaming Gater-Pro Gater-Pro.dat
.. C Users (Current User Name) AppData Roaming Morphilter Morphilter.dat
.. C Users (Current User Name) AppData Roaming Wobbulator Wobbulator.dat
If necessary, keygen can be used:
.. INFO ONLY SPC.Plugins.ArcSyn.v2.0.0.Incl.Keygen-R2R

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