Soundiron – M1 Garand Rifle (KONTAKT)

By | April 17, 2024


Publisher: Soundiron

Description: This SFX library is intended for professional sound engineers, composers and music producers. The Soundiron SFX M1 Garand Rifle focuses exclusively on the classic and widely used WWII weapon and includes the quintessential elements of the sound it produces.

Additional Information :
.30-06 Rifle Gunshot indoors (13 var.)
.30-06 Rifle Gunshot outdoors (13 var.)
Spent Brass Bounce on Concrete (18 variations)
Spent Brass Bounce on Wood (29 variations)
Butt and Handguard Grabs & Impacts (51 var.)
Handle & carry rattles and clicks (16 var.)
Heavy rifle shakes and rattles (8 variations)
Action handling and ammo clip loading (119 var)
Rack slide fast, w/ spent round eject (37 var.)
Fast Bolt open and release cycle (24 var)
Slow Bolt open and release cycle (43 variations)
Bolt release and close hard (32 variations)
Rifle Trigger clicks (20 variations)
Rifle Safety Clicks (17 variations)
Various metallic and wooden rattles, shakes clicks, slides, scrapes, scuffs and creaks.
Round-robin variation and unique single-shot effects. Organized into 21 archive-ready bank wav files, with pre-regional sound effects

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