Soundiron – Kalimba 2.0 (KONTAKT)

By | April 17, 2024


Publisher: Soundiron
Quality: 24 bit 48 kHz stereo

Description: Kalimba is a modernized version of the ancient African Mbira, also often called a finger piano. It has a simple, melodic percussion sound. It is often used in combination with piano and other tonal percussion instruments to add attack and playfulness to the sound. Our instruments were made of wood and coconut shells, with forged steel teeth suspended over their sound holes. We recorded the kalimba in 3 different environments: in a closed studio without processing; at medium distance in a small chamber; and in the large hall, at both close (1 meter) and far (15 m) distances.

Additional Information :
Dry Studio Plucks
Dry Studio Muted Plucks
Medium Bright Chamber Plucks
Bunker (Large Hall) Plucks – Close
Bunker (Large Hall) Plucks – Far
Dry Studio Strummed Articulations
Adaptive meta-arpeggiator System
Custom DSP Mulit-Effects Rack
62 Unique Soundscapes, Pads, Atmospheres and Drones
Dozens of Custom Convolution Reverb Impulses

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