Sony Vegas Pro v13.0 Build 310 [WiN x64]

By | August 14, 2022


Year/Date of Issue: 2014
Version: v 13.0 Build 310
Developer:© 2003-2013 Sony Creative Software, Inc. All Rights Reserved.
Bit depth: 64bit only
Interface language: English/Russian
Tabletka: PresentPlatform:

System requirements:

Windows® 7, 8, or 8.1 operating system (64-bit)
2 GHz processor (multicore or multiprocessor CPU recommended for HD or stereoscopic 3D; 8 cores recommended for 4K)
1 GB drive space for program installation
SSD or high-speed multi-disk RAID for 4K media
4 GB RAM (8 GB recommended; 16 GB recommended for 4K)
OHCI-compatible IEEE-1394DV card (for DV and HDV capture and print-to-tape)
USB 2.0 connection (for importing from AVCHD, XDCAM EX, NXCAM, or DVD camcorders)
Windows compatible sound card
DVD-ROM drive (for installation from a DVD only)
Supported CD-recordable drive (for CD burning only)
Supported DVD-recordable drive (for DVD burning only)
Supported BD-R/-RE drive (for Blu-ray Disc™ burning only)
GPU-accelerated video processing and rendering requires an OpenCL™-supported NVIDIA®, AMD/ATI™, or Intel® GPU with 512MB memory; 1GB for 4K.
Microsoft .NET Framework 4.0
Apple® QuickTime® 7.1.6 or later for reading and writing QuickTime files
Internet Connection (for Gracenote MusicID Service)

Professional program Sony Vegas Pro is designed for editing, editing and multi-track recording of video and audio streams. The program has tools in its arsenal that allow real-time processing and editing of HDV, SD/HD-SDI, DV, AVCHD and XDCAM™ formats, fine-tuning audio, creating audio with surround sound and dual-layer DVDs. To save the recording in high quality, it is possible to burn Blu-ray discs directly from the timeline. It will not be difficult for you to create a standard DVD with complex videos, multilingual menus, subtitles and added comments.
Vegas offers an infinite number of video and audio tracks, each with its own pair of (A/B) tracks, advanced music composition tools, multi-channel I / O in full duplex mode is supported (26 physical outputs can be used for signal output with an independent mixing bus on each), real-time resampling, automatic crossfading, synchronization via MIDI Time Code and MIDI Clock, dithering (with noise shaping) on ​​subgroup outputs and of course 24/32-bit audio at 192kHz sampling rate. For real-time audio processing, you can insert a four-band parametric EQ and compressor into the gap of each track, as well as use 32 sends to DirectX plug-ins. Different data formats can be added to the same track at the same time, without conversion or rendering. In addition, the program also supports such “advanced” features as working with two processors and two monitors.

Capabilities :
4K support. Vegas Pro 13 fully supports frame sizes up to 4096×4096. The 4K image standard for digital cinema projection is 4096×2160 pixels. This level of resolution gives more detail and flexibility for pancropping. It is ideal for compositing and video effects work, and provides a high quality final result. Vegas Pro 13 also fully supports RED ONE™ files. You can open and edit .r3d files right on the timeline, just like any other video file.
Exquisite lighting effects. Vegas Pro 13 includes over 190 customizable video effects, including a new collection of modern lighting effects. New in version 9 are Shine, Beams, Defocus, Stardust, Soft Contrast, and Fill. They allow you to simulate the effect of light due to your source, create colored highlights, change the focus of your frame, and that’s not all.
New transition – Gradient Wipe
Video processing 32-bit floating point. Run in 8-bit at speed, then switch to 32-bit floating point for extra precision in your final render without any changes to levels or contrast. This mode allows you to take advantage of improved color gamut, brighter colors, reduced gradient and posterization ranges for smoother color transitions, light linearity for optically correct compositions, and a host of other fidelity improvements.
Darker color palette. The Vegas Pro 13 interface has been enriched with a new color scheme that provides an optically neutral environment for optimized color viewing and increased comfort when working in a darkened editing studio.
New default layouts. Vegas Pro 13 gives you the ability to have multiple default window layouts distributed for different editing needs. These layouts can be modified and saved for a truly personalized workspace designed for the way you work.
New in version 11 are placements for audio mixing and color grading.
Capture, import, export:
Support for gigapixel images. With Vegas Pro 13, you can pan, scan, crop extremely large images to create HD movie sequences. Vegas Pro 13 also supports freeze-frame video from professional-grade camcorders and still cameras, which stitch multiple photos together to create one large image.
Opening and editing RED ONE™ files in the timeline
Vegas Pro 12 has advanced support for 4K spaces, including support for RED ONE™ files.
Capture to MXF from SD/HD-SDI devices
Now you can place and edit audio tracks without reference to frames.
Multi-channel audio can be added from the Trimmer.

Notable fixes/changes in version 13.0 (Build 310)  :
-Fixed a bug that caused a third crash during startup when loading some older-party plug-ins (including CineForm CFHD, NewBlue Titler 1 & 2, and Camtasia).
-Fixed a bug that prevented some third-party application extensions based on older .NET frameworks from loading correctly.
-Fixed a bug that could cause an exception error when exiting Vegas.
-Fixed a bug that could cause an error when importing projects using File > Import.
-Fixed a bug that caused an error when using File > Import to import a DaVinci Resolve project if metadata was missing.
-Fixed a bug that prevented Vegas Pro from starting when using the Register Later method during installation.
-Fixed a bug that incorrectly offered a choice of English, French, German, Japanese, and Spanish languages ​​during installation and exposed incomplete translations in the Vegas interface. Installing this update will revert existing localized Vegas Pro 13 installations to English.


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