Sonokinetic – Roots Drumloops: Alternative HipHop Drumloops (WAV)

By | July 8, 2024



Manufacturer: Sonokinetic
Format: Wav
Quality: 24 bit Frequency 44.1 kHz Channels stereo

Description: Sonokinetic Roots Drumloops is a set of drum samples with an emphasis on funk, tight RnB grooves, and alternative Hiphop style. This library offers you a large selection of acoustic drumloops, alternative hip-hop, funk, soul and many other project styles.

Content :
“Roots” focus on funky, tight RnB grooves and alternative Hiphop beats. This library offers you a large set of acoustic drumloops for you alternative hiphop, funk, soul and many other featured-styled projects. Created by hand, this massive drumloop-library provides over 3.7 GB of top designed percussive drum audio.
The extracted package contains three main folders:

1) “Acoustic drums” with over 1600 Loops. All live recordings of highly professional performances by top-knotch percussionists and drummers. For each tempo folder we’ve used different subtle drum kit setups. Special bass, snare , toms and cymbals enhancements will give you a broad range of very original and one of a kind drum sounds. No synthesizer or digital samples are used to create this library!

2)”RemixedDrums” Our DJ’s took some time to enhance and remix hand picked samples for the original acoustic drums recordings to create a mind blowing set of over 160 remixed loops for this dedicated “DJ”-folder.

3)”Elements” containing drums singles like crashes , basses , toms, crescendo snare sounds and rolls. We also took some time to create all new turntablism loops which we’ve spread over 3 tempi folders (90-100 and 110 BPM) This time around some cool vinyl fx samples (oneshots) fill this folder up to +260 samples and loops
The folder structure and naming for the Acoustic Drums “Previews”: (Each sample format contains such folder structure).

What’s in this volume:
• +2000 loops and samples
• 3.77GB (extracted) audio data
• 3 sample formats: Wave, AppleLoops, REX2
• Extras: Custom Convolution Reverb Impulse “the Sonokinetic recording stage”, Demo’s, artwork and a royalty free license agreements.
• Sample resolution: 44.1kHz and 48kHz/ 24Bit stereo

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