Sonixinema – Brute Flute (KONTAKT)

By | November 16, 2022


Publisher: Sonixinema
Website: sonixinema
Quality: 24bit 48kHz stereo

Description: Textures of a rare double bass flute with real legato.
Brute Flute is the first double bass flute library in cinematic sampling that has no analogues. Recorded in exceptional detail and capturing a range of cinematic textures, harmonic embellishments, explosive articulations and expressive true legato, this remarkable library contains a highly unique and inspiring set of sounds.

The third release in our new line of Experiments, this library was performed by acclaimed flautist Gareth McLernon, who is known for his virtuosic performances on blockbusters such as Alien Covenant, Horizon Zero Dawn, Mary Magdalene and many more. The library was recorded on stage in the heart of London, using the finest microphones to capture every nuance of Gareth’s breathtaking performances.

Working closely with flute virtuoso Gareth McLernon, we have spent weeks compiling a list of rare and experimental contrabass flute techniques to create a unique library. Capturing a huge range of never-before-seen cinematic textures, harmonic embellishments, explosive articulations and true legato, we’ve explored whole new territory and unleashed the true potential of this magnificent instrument. Commonly found in the orchestral environment, the double bass flute has been used in recent years by pioneering composers such as Johann Johansson and Jed Kurzel to create unique and intriguing sonic worlds.

The textures we captured from the double bass flute are unique to this instrument, and many of them cannot be reproduced in the same way on a regular concert flute or bass flute. Gareth has a wealth of knowledge and experience and is known as one of the most sought after and exciting flute players of his generation. The flute itself was handcrafted by Eva Kingma, a premium flute manufacturer specializing in alto, bass and contrabass flutes, and was designed specifically for Gareth.

To capture Gareth playing this magnificent instrument, we chose a stage in the heart of London. We thought this was important as we wanted to record every nuance in great detail, resulting in clean and flexible recordings that can be used for direct aggressive sound or manipulated later to create surround cinematic sound. We have recorded several advanced microphones such as Close Mono, Close Stereo, Mid Stereo and Far Stereo and used top quality microphones such as Beyer M160, AKG C414, Neumann U87 and Neumann TLM103.

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