Sonic Academy – How To Make Techno 2019 with Harvey McKay [Tutorial, ENG]

By | August 5, 2019


Release Year : 2019
Manufacturer : Sonic Academy
Manufacturer Website : sonicacademy
Posted by : Harvey McKay
Duration : 01h 37m
Distribution Type : Video Tutorial
Video Format : TS
Video : 1024-2048 Kbps, 1920 * 1080, 1280 * 720 (16: 9), frames – variable, AVC
Audio : 102-151 Kbps, 44.1 KHz, 2 channels, AAC
Level : Beginner and Intermediate
Language : English

Description : Sonic Academy is proud to welcome this week’s new teacher, Soul Techno producer Harvey Mackay.
In How To Make Techno 2019, Harvey shows us her creative process in creating a gloomy, brooding and frankly sinister techno track from start to finish in Ableton.
Starting with a layered overloaded and saturated kick, we create tension with a rumbling bass line, powered and crunchy hi-hat and snare, before adding the sinister main synthesizer line created in U-he Repro. Once the elements are in place, we arrange the sound sequences in Ableton before recording, as if we were playing live to add up the basic arrangement. Then we will set up automation and editing from and to to get to the final mixing, when everything can be sent for mastering.
This is a course that proves that you don’t need a whole ton of plugins and tricks to create a monstrous mix for the dance floor, and only a careful selection of the right sounds with minimal processing will help you with this!


Tutorial 01 – Playthrough and Intro
06m 28s
Tutorial 02 – Kick
05m 36s
Tutorial 03 – Foundation
04m 10s
Tutorial 04 – Adding Tension and Snare
03m 46s
Tutorial 05 – Main Synth
08m 03s
Tutorial 06 – Vocals
02m 15s
Tutorial 07 – Basic Clip Arrangement
17m 31s
Tutorial 08 – Fine Tune Clip Arrangement
07m 25s
Tutorial 09 – Clip Recording
07m 01s
Tutorial 10 – Arrangement Smoothing
18m 10s
Tutorial 11 – Further Tweaks
12m 09s
Tutorial 12 – Final Changes
04m 44s
Project Files
Stems 130 bpm

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