Smash Up The Studio – Midi Keys: House Piano (MIDI)

By | June 10, 2024


Manufacturer: Smash Up The Studio
Format: MIDI

Description: MIDI Keys: House Piano’ expands your arsenal of House music tools with 60 piano performances recorded by highly acclaimed musician, Steve Burton. These 4 bar, 125BPM MIDI loops need only be assigned your favorite piano or keyboard song, and you’re ready to go.

Smash Up The Studio brings you ‘MIDI Keys: House Piano’ is a superb collection of MIDI loops covering all styles of piano house. Packed full of stunning dance floor grooves with wicked chord progressions, this is the definitive house piano library.

This library contains 60 fantastic keyboard performances, any of which could easily be the main musical base on which to build your song. Each loop is 4 bars in length and originally played at 125 BPM. All you need do is pick a cool sound!

Benefits of MIDI:
The flexibility of MIDI allows the user to choose their own sound, change the tempo/key of the loop, notation, velocity, length and a whole host of other editing capabilities. Most importantly, it offers the creative producer an opportunity to personalize these great loops making them unique and specific to their own requirements.

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