Sample Fuel – TEXTURE-CRE8 v1.01 (HALiON)

By | March 16, 2023


Publisher : Sample Fuel
Website : Sample Fuel
Format : HALion

Description : TEXTURE-CRE8 v1.01 extension for samplers HALion Sonic SE 3.2.20 FREE, HALion Sonic 3.2.20 or HALion 6.2.1 or higher
For the library to work, you need to install this release:
Steinberg – Absolute 4 VST Instrument Collection
Study CAREFULLY the list of licenses before installing Soft-eLicenser bundle b15.
If you are a licensed user of any software from the list, then you should refuse to install this release or you should make a decision at your own discretion.
Intuitive and Flexible
Quick and Easy Workflow
Granular Engine
Drag N’ Drop Granular Engine
Up to 2 Layer Program Presets
Load Program Presets in up to 16 slots

Additional Information

TEXTURE-CRE8 is our specialty instrument library that focuses on creating unique textural colors and movements. The patches are interesting but simple enough to let you compose with them rather than being restrictive to the point where you have to compose around them. Many of the presets live up to the name TEXTURE-CRE8 and have complex motion to create interesting textures and moods.
TEXTURE-CRE8 powers over 60 unique sampled sources. GRAIN CRE8 is a modern cutting-edge granular engine that transforms more than 60 sample sources into unique pads and textures.

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