reFX – Nexus 3 v3.3.9 (VSTi) [WiN x64]

By | March 28, 2021


Year / Date of Issue: 03.2021
Version: v3.3.9
Developer: reFX
Developer site: reFX
Format: VSTi
Bit depth: 64bit
Tabletka: Cured
System requirements:
Windows 8 and Windows 10
Pentium class 2.0 GHz processor with SSE3 support
8GB of RAM (16GB or more highly recommended)
Display with 1024-by-768 or higher resolution

Description: The developer of programs reFX presented a new version of the popular Nexus rompler, which received a completely redesigned design and layout of controls, improved performance and an updated library.
reFX Nexus 3 has three columns for navigating presets and folders, settings for tags and bookmarks, the ability to add instruments to favorites, and save custom presets. Each sound can now be previewed before use, and instruments can be searched for by tags or names. The plugin has got a new arpeggiator with an increased pattern length, a modified effects section (EQ, filter, reverb, delay, limiter) with a visualizer and a newly developed sequencer.
Other Nexus 3 features include: scalable interface, Nexus 2 compatibility, 16,000 instrument presets, 165GB library. The program can work in VST formats and supports most popular workstations.

Nexus2 XP: Analog
Nexus2 XP: Analog 2
Nexus2 XP: Analog 3
Nexus2 XP: Analog DrumKits
Nexus2 XP: Apres-ski 2
Nexus2 XP: Apres-ski
Nexus2 XP: Artist Series 7 Skies
Nexus2 XP: Artist Series 7 Skies 2
Nexus2 XP: Artist Series Bodybangers
Nexus3 XP: Artist Series KSHMR
Nexus2 XP: Artist Series Klaas
Nexus2 XP: Artist Series Steve Aoki
Nexus2 XP: Artist Series Tiësto
Nexus2 XP: Bass
Nexus2 XP: Bass 2
Nexus2 XP: Bigtone Signature
Nexus2 XP: Bigtone Signature 2
Nexus2 XP: Bigtone Signature 3
Nexus2 XP: Breaks and Risers
Nexus2 XP: Chillout Lounge
Nexus2 XP: Classic Dance
Nexus2 XP: Classic Trance
Nexus3 XP: Commercial Dance
Nexus2 XP: Commercial Electro
Nexus2 XP: Commercial Electro 2
Nexus2 XP: Dance
Nexus2 XP: Dance 3
Nexus2 XP: Dance Drums
Nexus2 XP: Dance Orchestra
Nexus2 XP: Dark Planet
Nexus2 XP: Deep House
Nexus2 XP: Deep House 2
Nexus2 XP: Drum and Bass
Nexus2 XP: Dubstep-Electro
Nexus2 XP: Dubstep-Electro 2
Nexus2 XP: Dubstep-Electro 3
Nexus3 XP: Dubstep-Electro 4
Nexus2 XP: EDM
Nexus2 XP: EDM 2
Nexus2 XP: EDM 3
Nexus2 XP: EDM 4
Nexus3 XP: EDM 5
Nexus2 XP: EDM Leads
Nexus2 XP: EDM Voices
Nexus2 XP: EDM Voices 2
Nexus2 XP: Electro House Leads
Nexus2 XP: Electro House Leads 2
Nexus2 XP: FM
Nexus2 XP: FM 2
Nexus2 XP: FX
Nexus3 XP: Feel Good House
Nexus2 XP: Festival EDM
Nexus2 XP: Freaky Machines
Nexus2 XP: Future Arps
Nexus2 XP: Future Arps 2
Nexus2 XP: Future Arps 3
Nexus2 XP: Future Arps 4
Nexus2 XP: Future Bass
Nexus2 XP: Future Bass 2
Nexus2 XP: Future Chill
Nexus2 XP: Future House
Nexus2 XP: Future House 2
Nexus2 XP: Future Pop Voices
Nexus2 XP: Guitars
Nexus2 XP: HandsUp Leads
Nexus2 XP: HandsUp-Electro Bass
Nexus2 XP: HandsUp-Electro Bass 2
Nexus2 XP: HandsUp-Electro Bass 3
Nexus2 XP: Hardcore Italia
Nexus2 XP: Hardstyle
Nexus2 XP: Hardstyle 2
Nexus2 XP: Hip Hop
Nexus2 XP: Hip Hop 2
Nexus2 XP: Hip Hop 3
Nexus3 XP: Hip Hop 4
Nexus2 XP: Hollywood
Nexus2 XP: Hollywood 2 Winds & Brass
Nexus2 XP: Hollywood 2 Core Library
Nexus2 XP: Hollywood 2 Drums & FX
Nexus2 XP: Hollywood 2 Strings
Nexus2 XP: Hollywood 3 Drumkits & Percussions
Nexus2 XP: Hollywood 3 Epic Collection
Nexus2 XP: Hollywood 3 Ethno
Nexus2 XP: Hollywood 3 Guitars
Nexus2 XP: Hollywood Action Trailer
Nexus2 XP: Hollywood Percussion Loops
Nexus2 XP: Hollywood Percussion Loops 2
Nexus2 XP: Hollywood Sound FX
Nexus2 XP: Hollywood Synth Edition
Nexus2 XP: Hollywood Synth Edition 2
Nexus2 XP: Hollywood Synth Edition 3
Nexus2 XP: House
Nexus2 XP: House 2
Nexus2 XP: House 3
Nexus2 XP: K-Pop
Nexus2 XP: Kamui
Nexus2 XP: Kamui 2
Nexus2 XP: Millennium Pop
Nexus2 XP: Millennium Pop 2
Nexus2 XP: Moombahton
Nexus2 XP: Moombahton 2
Nexus2 XP: NuDisco
Nexus2 XP: NuElectro
Nexus2 XP: Omicron
Nexus2 XP: Omicron 2
Nexus2 XP: Omicron 3
Nexus2 XP: Pop
Nexus2 XP: Progressive Tech House
Nexus2 XP: Progressive Tech House 2
Nexus2 XP: Rauschwerk
Nexus2 XP: Rauschwerk 2
Nexus2 XP: Rauschwerk 3
Nexus2 XP: Reggaeton
Nexus2 XP: Reggaeton 2
Nexus2 XP: Sound of the 80s
Nexus2 XP: Sound of the 90s
Nexus2 XP: Sound of the 90s 2
Nexus2 XP: Sounds of the Summer
Nexus2 XP: Sounds of the Summer 2
Nexus2 XP: Sounds of the Summer 3
Nexus2 XP: Spinning House
Nexus2 XP: Spinning House 2
Nexus2 XP: Store’n’Forward
Nexus2 XP: Stratosphere
Nexus2 XP: Stratosphere 2
Nexus2 XP: Stratosphere 3
Nexus2 XP: Swedish House
Nexus2 XP: Swedish House 2
Nexus2 XP: Synthwave
Nexus3 XP: Synthwave 2
Nexus2 XP: Trance Anthems
Nexus2 XP: Trance Anthems 2
Nexus2 XP: Trance Elements
Nexus2 XP: Trance Leads
Nexus2 XP: Trance Leads 2
Nexus2 XP: Trance Universe
Nexus2 XP: Trap
Nexus2 XP: Trap 2
Nexus2 XP: Trap 3
Nexus2 XP: Trap 4
Nexus2 XP: Tropical House
Nexus2 XP: Tropical House 2
Nexus3 XP: Tropical House 3
Nexus2 XP: Twerk
Nexus2 XP: Vocoder

Installation :

Some antivirus programs remove the Nexus3.39.dll file. Disable antivirus (or add this file to the exceptions)

1. Mount the Nexus 3 Installation Files.iso image

2. Find the Copy to folder Nexus Content in the mounted image, open it and copy all files from it. Go to the path where you saved the files from this distribution, namely to the reFX Nexus 3 folder and in it in the Nexus Content and paste the copied files

3. Find the Copy to DISK C folder in the image and copy the Users folder from it and paste it into the root of Disk C (open Disk C and paste the Users folder into this location)

4. Also from the Copy to DISK folder, copy the VST folder to the folder where your plugins are stored. For example C: Program Files Steinberg VSTPlugins

5. Go to the path C: Users Public Documents reFX nexus (aka Drive C: Users General Shared Documents reFX nexus) and open the settings.json file with notepad

6. Find the line “library_folder”: “E: \ reFX Nexus 3 \ Nexus Content”, and change this path E: \ reFX Nexus 3 \ Nexus Content to your own to the Nexus Content folder. Please note that the path uses two characters \ and then save the changes in this file

The size of the Nexus Content folder should be as follows:

In the Nexus itself, everything should turn out like this:

45 thoughts on “reFX – Nexus 3 v3.3.9 (VSTi) [WiN x64]

  1. Portik

    Doesn’t work 4 me…when i open…the vst request e-mail & password

  2. Almalik19

    Make sure that everything is in the same place as the installation folders. I had the same issue with the e-mail and password request, try to check this place: Users – Public – Documents – reFX – nexus, the first time I changed the nexus name with “Nexus 3” but it doesn’t work like that, so make sure that the name of the nexus folder is the same as the installation without uppercase or other things.

  3. david

    to me opens the program but does not find me presets

  4. Michael Gagne

    Same here
    As soon as I change the 1st presets I loose sound.

  5. SPEED

    everything working correctly, just follow the steps, the installation is a little complicated but it works.

  6. Danny Blackbones

    How to solve the presets missing:

    When you replace the path directory make sure that you use double “/” each. For example:

    C:// documents // Plubic // Nexus content etc

  7. conteur

    this cannot be the real thing as my Cubase recognises it as VST 2 32 bit and Nexus 3 is only 64 bit, has to be FAKE, or if you know otherwise please let us know

  8. conteur

    I take my word back it works the only weird thing is I had to bridge it with JBridge to get it to be recognised as a VST3 64 bit with Cubase 9.5. Still Downloading the sounds, so not all there yet but still got to use it, cool interface indeed and the FX routing is indeed much better, very flexible, excited to try it further.. And I’ll have to save up and buy a proper copy to thanks Refx for this badass VST

  9. Mo4you

    How to solve email authentication problem. Make sure to put all related files of step 3 in the ‘Public’ folder, not your own made user account folder, so: Users\Public\Documents\reFX\nexus

  10. musicman

    Did anyone get the presets to show up? it works but the presets don’t show up even after changing the file path on the settings

  11. musicman

    EDIT thanks to the comment of Danny Blackbones you just have to put another \ on each \ for the path! example “C:\\nexus3\\nexuscontent”

  12. Darren

    Some antivirus programs remove the Nexus3.39.dll file. Disable antivirus
    (or add this file to the exceptions)

    Step one. Copy everything in the VST folder to your VST directory.

    Step two: Copy the reFX folder into C:\Users\Public\Documents.
    N.B: It may be like that…. C:\Users\Public\Public Documents

    Step three:
    1- At any hard disk make a NEW folder and NAME it ” reFX Nexus 3 “….. E.g: G:\reFX Nexus 3
    2- Open Folder ” G:\reFX Nexus 3 “, and in it, make a NEW folder and NAME it ” Nexus Content ”
    3- Place the ( preset folder ) into the folder you created E.g: G:\reFX Nexus 3\Nexus Content.

    Step Four: Go to the settings.json file open it in notepad and edit the preset file directory to be the one you set up in step 3.
    …….. it should look something like this as the Example…….

    “deep_verified”: true,
    “last-license-warning”: 0,
    “last-update-check”: “2020-09-15T21:46:08.870+08:00”,
    “library_folder”: “G:\\reFX Nexus 3\\Nexus Content”,
    “ui”: {
    “default-font-size”: 20,
    “default-scale”: 0.5,
    “useHWAcceleration”: true
    It is important that you use the double backslashes instead of one

  13. Marianna

    i ve done this procedure but on my cubase 10 still not find all presets. How can I fix that?

  14. Danny Blackbones

    The main pack has two parts, the program files and the library files, put the presets folder in the library files to match them. If you have the correct location line in the .jos file that´s fix the problem.
    The presets folder is in the .iso file by the way.

  15. nnnn

    Windows defender likes to keep removing a file in here even when I restore and allow it.

  16. kenzy

    i got everything working but when i change to a preset it stops producing sounds, only from Nexus 3, any guess to what the problem is and how to fix? help would be much appriciated!

  17. MG


    1st Problem:
    Do not put the files in the Personal User folder but public user !! C: \ Users \ Public \ Documents \ reFX \ nexus

    2nd problem) Check in the setting.json file that you have used the double \ to communicate with the root of the library.

    ex for me: E: \\ Studio \\ Nexus 3 \\ Nexus Content and not E: \ Studio \ Nexus 3 \ Nexus Content

    3rd problem: If it works but you don’t see any preset, it means that the files have not been added in Nexus Content !!!!

    Remember to copy the files available in the “Nexus Content” iso in the folder (with the same name ) that you put on your hard drive with the same name (logical)

    BIM BAM BOOM !!!! it works .

  18. Kudos

    It works. So far. But every expansion that I’ve downloaded (.nxs) doesn’t show up. It only plays the presets (.fxs). I’ve copied everything to the right folders. But still I can’t find the names of the .nxs packs in the plugin. I even tried deleting the “\Samples” folder from “…\Nexus content\Samples”. Doesn’t change anything. I can still play those presets. So what’s the point of those .nxs files? How do I make them work? If they don’t work then I’d rather delete them cause it’s too damn large.
    Somebody please explain this…

  19. Nicola

    Qualcuno sà dirmi perchè quando clicco due volte per scegliere il suono non si sente più?

  20. jimmy

    Can someone tell me how they got it fixed. I installed everything correctly and it opens but it doesn”t play any sounds when I doubleclick a sound. Only the sound previews play once when I click them once but when I choose a sound nothing comes out.

  21. Marcus

    its the sounds packs that is the problem, ive had the same issue with nexus 2 but i have no idea how to fix it

  22. Akash Roger

    Wherever you have the Settings.json file change it to your desired directory… worked for me when i couldn’t find presets

  23. kenzy

    i think i have the problem, the packs arent pre-activated, i had same issue with nexus 2 where the packs wasnt pre-activated, so it didnt let me chose them / emmit sound

  24. ky

    how the fuck do you make the sound work bruh i know i did not just spend 2 days downloading this shit just for it to work but none of the presets make sound

  25. Yerrrrr

    Yessssir working as of 07/07/21, thank you very much. Just follow the installation instructions exactly above and you’re good.

  26. yaman

    SOME of the presets are on the ISO but there’s also a preset folder called Nexus Content that you need to drag over to your content folder, its 150gb so that’s why half of the presets don’t work without it

  27. gamer00x

    Me too, i stay on u´r side buddy. Same problem, no replys…

  28. Ifigureditout

    I finally figured it out — follow all the instructions above

    BUT — go back to the original Nexus folder in your Downloads file (NOT THE .ISO file), open that folder, and copy the Samples folder into your Nexus Content folder.

    That is where all the sounds are. 160 something gigs

  29. Josh

    Hey all. This is a VERY important key step if you are getting a library connection error when loading the new plugin in your DAW. If you have copied the script above into settings.json, be SURE to first copy that script into notepad and replace all ” with standard “s. Hard to explain because I’m not a jscript coder (yet), but the “s above are the wrong “font” and that was making the plugin not able to read the script. Hope that makes sense/helps.


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