Redwirez – BIGbox X: Modern Classics (WAV)

By | July 8, 2024


Publisher: Redwirez
Website: Redwirez
Format: WAV
Quality: 24 bit 44.1 48 88.2 96kHz mono

Description: Anniversary reissue of the legendary library of guitar cabinet impulses
New in the anniversary edition:
Pulse length is now 500ms for better resolution at low frequencies
Frequency response has become smoother. Due to additional processing, unwanted acoustic artifacts were removed
Clearer sound due to noise reduction
Availability of presets with common combinations of microphones and speakers
They sit better in the mix, as the pulses filter out hum at low frequencies and hiss at high frequencies

Content :
Bogner Custom Shop 2×12 Vintage 30
Bogner Uberkab 4×12 Vintage 30
Bogner Uberkab 4×12 G12T-75
ENGL Pro 4×12 Vintage 30
Krank Krankenstein 4×12 Eminence Texas Heats
Krank Revolution 4×12 Eminence Legend V12
Marshall 1960A 4×12 G12M25
Marshall 1960B 4×12 Vintage 30
Marshall 1960B 4×12 G12T-75
Marshall 1960B 4×12 JBL K120
Mesa Rectifier OS 4×12 Vintage 30
Mesa Halfback Bottom 2×12 EV12L
Mesa Halback Top-closed 2×12 EV12L
Mesa Halfback Top-open 2×12 EV12L
Mesa Halfback Bottom 2×12 C90
Mesa Halfback Top-closed 2×12 C90
Mesa Halfback Top-open 2×12 C90
Orange PPC412 4×12 Vintage 30
Peavey 5150 4×12 Sheffield 1200
Soldano 412B 4×12 Eminence Legend V12
Soldano 412B 4×12 Eminence S12X
Speakerbox 1×12 EVM12L

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