Plugins That Knock – KNOCK v1.1.7 – BUBBiX (VST3, AAX, AU) [WiN.OSX x64]

By | May 24, 2024


Year/Date of Issue: 04/25/24
Developer: Plugins That Knock.
Developer website: Plugins That Knock
Format: VST3, AAX, AU.
Bit depth: 64bit
Tablet: Present [BUBBiX]
System requirements: WIN 8.1+

Description :
~Make Your Drums Beat~

KNOCK is the last plugin you’ll ever need to make your drums slap and punch through your mix.
This plugin was carefully designed by platinum producer and award-winning sound designer DECAP.
Inspired by the signature sound of his popular DRUMS THAT KNOCK series of drum kits,
which helped shape the sonic landscape of modern music.

    A transient shaper that enhances the attack of your drums, making them sharper and punchier. Add a little Punch to spice up your drum tracks. Great for drum loops or single shots.
    Adds harmonic distortion to compensate for perceived loudness. Choose one of three modes (soft, medium, hard). Ideal for 808s, one shots or drum loops.
  • SUB
    Detects the presence of a kick drum and generates a layered sub-frequency tone, giving your kick a deep low level. Select the pitch of the subtone. Ideal for breakbeats and tuning the kick drum to match the key of the song.
  • AIR
    Adds a smooth, transparent top end to drum tracks without a hint of harshness. There are two modes to choose from (vintage and clean).
  • CLIP
    User adjustable hard and soft clipper. Press the drums harder without clipping to give them a warm, aggressive tone reminiscent of vintage analog gear redone. Choose a harder clipping curve for a more aggressive tone, or a softer clipping curve for a rounder tone.

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