Plugin Alliance – TOMO Audiolabs LISA v1.2.1 – BUBBiX (VST, VST3, AAX) [WiN x64]

By | June 7, 2024

Year/Date of Issue: 05/11/2024
Version: v1.2.1
Developer: Plugin Alliance
Developer website: Plugin Alliance
Format: VST, VST3, AAX
Bit depth: 64bit
Tablet: Cured
System requirements: Windows 10+

Description :
A new way to use dynamic equalizer.
LISA from TOMO Audiolabs is a one-of-a-kind tool: an all-analog dynamic equalizer,
equipped with a special optical compressor for each of the 6 ranges. This is an exact copy of the original model
offers a new way to apply dynamic equalizer in a digital environment. Now you can use
benefits of this top-notch mastering hardware.

Six ranges of smooth optical compression and expansion.
LISA uses a dedicated, state-of-the-art optical compression scheme for each of its six bands per channel.
Its software-dependent compression and expansion average around 3:1 or a selectable ratio of 10:1 –
both when bending the knee gently and when switching between slow, medium and fast settings for attack and release.

Switches like an old-fashioned equalizer and controls like a high-end compressor.
With a layout reminiscent of high-quality Sontec and Massenburg equalizers,
LISA offers an intuitive approach to creating your tone. Instead of simply applying a fixed EQ curve,
The degree of reduction or amplification “breathes” and dances with your sound. Thanks to the proportional bandwidth,
deeper slices become increasingly narrow and surgical, while larger slices become denser,
precise and note-like as the intensity increases.

Ideal complement to the main bus and individual selected tracks
This dynamic EQ was designed with mastering in mind, making it ideal for controlling beats and bass
without reducing or boosting bass extension without adding unnecessary volume to the mix.

It can reduce vocal sibilance or cymbal harshness without sacrificing brightness, and even fine-tune certain mixing elements.
especially in middle side mode. Use a separate version of the mono plugin to elegantly change the shape of individual tools,
such as bass guitar, drums and voice.

Parallel stripes for gentler processing.
Another unique feature of LISA is the parallel circuit concept. With the usual daisy chain connection used in most equalizers,
100% of distortion and rectification affect the signal path. But the parallel LISA circuit allows individual strips to be processed in a similar way to a mixing console,
providing more extensive, sensitive and fine processing.

This allows you to apply extreme equalizer settings to your music that would not be possible using a traditional equalizer.

Additions for plugins only, including the new “TX Drive”.

As always, Brainworx engineers have added new digital features that would not be possible in the analog domain.

In addition to the usual functions such as mono audio generation, stereo audio width, auto listening,
pitch control and TMT, a new feature has been added to LISA for the first time: TX Drive.

This new parameter allows you to adjust more or less saturation and transformer character separately from the other analog characteristics of the device.

Possibilities :
• Accurate emulation of the unique TOMO Audiolabs LISA system
• Independent dynamic section based on optical compression for each of the 6 bands per channel,
switchable between compression and expansion modes.
• Includes two parametric mid ranges, parametric low and high ranges with delayed playback mode,
as well as two dedicated boost bands, as well as high- and low-pass filters.
• Parallel circuits allow larger frequency changes with greater transparency.
• TMT – Brainworx Patented “Tolerance Modeling Technology” (US Patent No. 10,725,727)
• Six EQ bands with wide frequency overlap provide optimal processing flexibility.
• Includes a separate mono version for individual tracks such as bass, drums, snare and vocals.
• Scalable user interface.
• Artist presets to get you started with a variety of sources.
• The new TX Drive function acts as a headroom control for the transformer model only. New innovation from Brainworx!
• Plugin-only features include Brainworx mono editor, stereo width, range, auto listen,
special mono version and patented “TMT” technology for increased realism and depth.

Installation :
1. Install the .exe and replace with the corrected files.
2. If you already have a previous version installed, simply drag and drop the corrected and replacement files on top of the old ones.

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