Plugin Alliance & Lindell Audio – 354E 1.0.0 (VST, VST3, AU) [OSX x64]

By | June 22, 2021


Release year: 04/17/2017
Version: 1.0.0
Developer: Plugin Alliance & Lindell Audio
Developer site: plugin-alliance
Platform: Intel only
Interface language: English
Tablet: Replacement Files | SPTNDC
System requirements: Mac: OS 10.9 – macOS 11.0.1
Modern CPU with SSE3 support
Memory: 2 GB RAM

Description: The Lindell 354E is a diode bridge model of the most famous vintage Neve 2254E compressor that faithfully reproduces its behavior and rich sonic character. In practical use, the 354E is two compressors in one: turn on Nuke to radically shape individual tracks, and turn it off for lighter, more subtle sound compression for mastering or surgical mixing. Both modes deliver the same lush color and subtle presence that the 2254E, one of the world’s most revered and high-end compressors, delivered.
The 354E is one of the very best plug-ins you can use for compressing drums, electric guitars and rock vocals. Unlike its sibling 254E, three independent compression ranges (low, medium and high), powerful Nuke mode, and Niveau and Highpass sidechain filters allow you to vividly shape the sound of the track for maximum size, punch and bass weight. And with an adjustable attack time of 2 microseconds (two millionths of a second), the 354E is one of the fastest compressors available, capable of producing extreme sounds that many other compressors can only dream of.
Thicken your tracks: Use Nuke mode to blow up the atmosphere and pump up the drums and make them work like a jackhammer. Use the built-in filters to protect the low frequencies from compression, while bloating the bass drum to the size of monsters. Then adjust the ratio between the three bands to balance the level of the hats and cymbals for the ideal mix.
The 354 Niveau filter and Nuke mode are also your advantage to make the delicate low end sound deep and steady and hypersensitive rock vocals. The 354E will quickly turn into your guitar track shaper, too: on electric guitar amps, multi-band controls and filters let you compress the lower and upper strings to varying degrees to boost muted bass notes or make high chords blaze. Compress hard to add intense flamboyance, then use the Mix control to blend in a clean signal for the perfect blend of chaos and detail.
Delicate Mixing and Mastering: When you turn the Nuke mode off, the 354E acquires the delicacy required when compressing and mastering on the master bus. Use a moderate ratio of 1.5: 1 to add “curing glue” to the mix. Install a Niveau filter to add punch, fullness and weight to the low end of weak mixes. Use M / S mode to compress heavily pan-arched guitars without affecting kick drum, bass, and vocals. Calibrate the 354E’s internal levels to adapt to any mastering situation and handle the hottest or flimsy mixes with the same ease and grace. Parameters A and B let you compare alternative control settings for perfect, elusive results.
Whether you use this plug-in to pump individual tracks to gigantic proportions, add density to entire mixes, or apply subtle surgical compression to correct unbalanced master results, the versatile Lindell 354E is your brush for colorful vintage sound.

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