Piccure Plus For Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom [Win]

By | May 17, 2017

Piccure Plus

Correct optical aberrations like never before. piccure+ is a new software program capable of correcting optical aberrations that cause a lack of sharpness in your images. piccure+ uses a new method that essentially inverts the optical processes that cause images to look blurry. With the help of piccure+, your equipment can now be upgraded with a mouse click. It is equally useful for users of expensive fast lenses as well as more economic zoom lenses. You will often be able to match the sharpness of lenses costing several thousands of dollars with equipment costing a fraction of that amount, and finally get “the crisp” touch with your prime lens wide open. No other solution gives your equipment a similar upgrade.

– Piccure+ complements your existing toolset
– With piccure+ you can benefit from the ignorance of an entire industry.
– Don’t let physics ruin your image composition
– Correct optical flaws
– Correct camera shake
– Developed for professionals
– Easy to use, different and yet powerful

What’s New in piccure+ v2.5:
– piccure+ is now compatible with Adobe Photoshop/Lightroom CC 2015.
– Faster image processing (30-70% decrease in computation time)
– Chromatic aberrations are not automatically corrected for “Strong” aberrations any longer
– Faster RAW Thumbnail generation (90% decrease in Thumbnail generation)
– Integrates as external application into several imaging programs (e.g. DxO Optics Pro and Capture One Pro)
– Additional cameras are supported (RAW)

Stand Alone & Plug-in: Adobe® Photoshop ® CS4 or later, Adobe Lightroom ® version 3 or later
Adobe Photoshop® Elements version 7 or later


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