Native Instruments – Kontakt 6.7.0 – TRAZOR (STANDALONE, VSTi, AUi) [OSX]

By | June 9, 2022


Release year : 2022
Version : 6.7.0
Developer : Native Instruments
Architecture : ARM, x86 (64-bit)
Interface language : English
Tablet : present (file replacement)
System Requirements : macOS 10.14 or later

Description : Kontakt – the standard in the world of samplers. Native Instruments Kontakt 6 provides a set of high quality filters ranging from classic analog circuits and state variable models to modern format filters. Some of the 37 new filters use the new Adaptive Resonance concept, which automatically controls the filter response to prevent annoying sonic artifacts from excessive resonant peaks. The fifth version of the Sampler also adds TimeMachine Pro time-scratching, which provides better sound quality for harmonic solo instruments.
The effects section in Native Instruments Kontakt 6 has been expanded with several key additions that focus on the studio style of sound processing. New Solid G-EQ and Solid Bus Comp algorithms, borrowed from the Solid Mix Series, allow equalization and compression, and the separately purchased Transient Designer has been integrated into the Kontakt effects section in its original form. In addition, a new analog Tape Saturator can add natural compression and subtle organic OverDrive, while vintage sampling modes taken from the Native Instruments Maschine have been integrated into the Native Instruments Kontakt 6 feature set.
For sound designers and professional samplers, Native Instruments Kontakt 6 offers a new instrument bus system and KSP-based MIDI file support. The 16 internal stereo busses with their individual built-in slots provide increased routing flexibility, the MIDI file function in the Kontakt Script Processor allows you to create advanced instrument types from instruments with versatile integrated MIDI playback.
What’s new

Release notes
6.7.0 – 2022-02-14
ARM, Monterey and Windows 11 compatibility, new bass amps, bug fixes.

FIXED Kontakt is now native ARM compatible
FIXED Kontakt is now macOS Monterey compatible
FIXED Contact is now Windows 11 compatible
CHANGED Minimum supported macOS version is now 10.14
CHANGED Minimum supported Windows version is now Windows 10
IMPROVED Show replace Multi dialog setting is now replaced by a new preference option
ADDED There are now two new amplifiers (Bass Invader and Bass Pro)
FIXED Kontakt VST3 could crash loading instruments with very long host automation names
FIXED Memory was not released correctly in VST3 under certain conditions
FIXED Replika in Ping-Pong mode would not initialise recalled parameters correctly since Kontakt 6.6.1
FIXED Replika in bus effects slots would not follow tempo changes
FIXED Plate Reverb would incorrectly recall in stereo when saved in mono
FIXED Lo-Fi Noise parameter would lose realtime control after modulating SR or Bits params
FIXED 3×2 Filter gain knob would not allow text input
FIXED Modulation in the Phasis effect was behaving incorrectly
FIXED Automation could not be dragged to UI elements beyond 512th instance
FIXED Step modulator can now have all of its 32 steps modulated
FIXED All Convolution factory presets have been updated to zero latency mode
FIXED Number of zones in Expert tab would get cut off when exceeding 9999
FIXED Quick Load view would obscure the virtual keyboard
FIXED Long sample paths would get cut off when hovering the sample name in the mapping and wave editors
FIXED Collection of minor cosmetic GUI fixes
FIXED Collection of various info pane fixes
FIXED Factory scripts using note duration set to Bar now work properly in Kontakt standalone
FIXED Crash when declaring KSP ui_file_selector under certain conditions
FIXED KSP Saving a string array would add an extra white space
FIXED KSP Loading a Windows-formatted (CR/LF) NKA file would result in superfluous empty lines
FIXED “Search for alternative file types” has been set to on by default in the search dialog
CHANGED Event Inputs and Outputs have been renamed to MIDI Inputs and Outputs in VST3 for consistency
IMPROVED KSP Snapshot mode 2 and 3 can now be set, allowing to only store persistent KSP variables
FIXED Factory KSP Script MultiCh Transpose did not retain persistent values
ADDED New Factory KSP scripts “Alternate Pan Modulation”, “MIDI Latch 6x”, and “Rotate Chords”
KNOWN ISSUE Creator Tools does not connect when Kontakt is running natively on ARM

Installation procedure :

1. Install.
2. Replace with patched files in the following location: -> /Applications/Native Instruments/Kontakt
Kontakt.component -> /Library/Audio/Plug-Ins/Components
Kontakt.vst -> /Library/Audio/Plug-Ins/VST
Kontakt.vst3 -> /Library/ Audio/Plug-Ins/VST3

It uses the old way that the files have to be replaced.
• Codesigning if needed.
• Run the command below on your Terminal app (if App can’t launch):

The code:

sudo chmod +x /Applications/Native\ Instruments/Kontakt/

3 thoughts on “Native Instruments – Kontakt 6.7.0 – TRAZOR (STANDALONE, VSTi, AUi) [OSX]

  1. Mick

    So once this is installed how do I add libraries? It just tells me I need to do it through the service center which doesn’t seem to be included.

  2. Peepo

    To add library you have to download kontakt 5 first , and add libraries from there , it will auto update on kontakt newer versions


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