Photoshop Absolute Beginners Guide 7 Ways to Use Adobe Photoshop Like a Pro in Under 10 Hours! by Edward Bailey

By | March 23, 2017

“Photoshop: Absolute Beginners Guide: 7 Ways to Use Adobe Photoshop Like a Pro in Under 10 Hours!” by Edward Bailey
2015 | PDF,MOBI | 44 pages | ISBN: 1517069300 | English | 2 MB

Do you think Photoshop is too complicated for you?

If you answered “YES” to both questions, then this book is perfect for you. This book will help you realize that the photo-editing processes in Photoshop aren’t complicated and you can edit your images like a pro.

Whenever we look through magazines or browse some websites, we see photos of high quality. These photos didn’t always look perfect. They started as ordinary photos taken by a person who wanted to point something out or to capture some beauty or simply to take a picture of someone else or even themselves. The only reason they look perfect to you is because the photographer or graphic designer wanted to make the focus of the photo stand out or to express his or her creativity.

If you ever wandered how amazing it would be to actually make your own images look like that, then this book is the ideal solution for you. The book teaches you how to edit images using the same techniques as professional editors and photographers.

People usually get discouraged whenever they hear or read the word “professional.” To them, the word immediately indicates a complicated and time-consuming process that they would never be able to understand or even perform. This is, exactly what makes this book different from all other books; the simplicity.

Here is what this book will teach you:

• Various Photoshop art effects – in this part of the book, you will learn how to turn your photo into a painting in 15 easy steps. Moreover, you can turn the photo you capture into a pencil drawing and it can be done in 10 steps. It really is that easy. If you ever wanted to make a comic book with you as the main character (or your friends), this book contains the step by step guide. In 17 simple steps, you can become a comic book character
• Editing and repairing old photos – you probably have tons of old photos that are slightly damaged. The second part of this book teaches you how to repair damaged photos in 4 steps; (YES! It is that easy), and you can also ADD color to your old black and white photos. You can use these techniques and make a perfect birthday/holiday present for your parents or grandparents
• Photoshop hacks for graphic designers – in this part, all graphic design enthusiasts can learn how to add a flaming effect to various objects or to add an exploding text effect

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